Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 2: PreCure School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

So I’ve decided I want to try my hand at writing episodic posts for an anime series, and I figured what better way to start than with a magical girl series that has only recently started?
My first impressions of Maho Girls PreCure can be found by clicking here. With that said and done, let’s take a look at how the second episode unfolds.

Snail Train

Here we have PreCure’s take on the Hogwarts Express

So the episode starts with Riko taking Mirai to the Magic World, which is done via the train pictured above. Mirai seems to be perfectly calm about the whole situation – you know, a giant sentient snail operating as a train is perfectly normal sight.

After the opening theme, Mirai and Riko wonder how Mofurun gained the ability to talk.

Mofurun Talks

This is the reason Mofurun gives for being able to talk now.

Snail Snack Trolley.jpg

I wonder if it’s got any chocolate frogs…

Anyway, the two girls arrive at the Magic Academy.

Magic Academy

Even if it is the centre of the Magic World, it’s hardly as grand as Hogwarts…

Deputy Headmistress

The subtitles save me the effort of introducing this character.

So it turns out Riko has broken several Magic Academy rules, which means she’s in trouble. The deputy headmistress tells Riko to stay put whilst she goes to find the headmaster. Meanwhile, Mirai decides to go and find the headmaster herself.


It’s probably worth mentioning that one of the antagonists is a bat-man


I suspect this lizard fellow will be causing problems for the PreCure later on down the line…


Probably our Big Bad

Mirai’s quest to find the headmaster takes her to the Wand Tree, where she meets a man with long silver hair.

Guy by Wand Tree

This guy… probably important.

Riko gets bored and leaves the classroom. Before that, she wonders why Mirai is going to so much trouble for her.

It must be love

It must be love

The man tells Mirai that wands grow on the Wand Tree, and that they sprout when anew life is brought into the Magic World. However, that particular tree hasn’t sprouted a wand for a while. Naturally, it sprouts one for Mirai shortly afterwards.
Following that, Batty arrives at the Magic Academy with Yokubaaru from the first episode and attacks Mirai in an attempt to capture her so he can prove that the existence of the legendary magicians (or witches, I guess it depends on the subs) PreCure.
Riko flies in on her broom, ‘purposefully’ ramming Batty. Mirai thanks her for saving her again.

Riko blushing

Riko’s reaction to being thanked

Hand-holding follows, which means transformation time!

Cure Miracle

It’s Cure Miracle, but I’m sure you’ve guessed that.

Cure Magical

Cure Magical’s hair is kind of amazing…

A battle follows on after that. This time, the Cures actually finish off the Yokubaaru with a flashy special attack, much like I suspected would be the case. There’s still some physical combat in there as well, though.


…Eternal! This brings back memories of the first two seasons of PreCure.

Anyway, victory is claimed and Batty retreats – the villains tend to do that once their monster of the week has been defeated. Oh, remember that silver-haired man? Guess what, he’s kind of important!


That’s… an outfit… yeah.

Anyway, things work out and the headmaster invites Mirai to attend the Magic Academy together with Riko.

Mirai, Riko & Mofurun

Indeed it is, Mirai.

Honestly, I think this series of PreCure will appeal to me much more than Go! Princess PreCure did. I am a lover of fantasy and magic and this clearly has plenty of both to go around. Definitely looking forward to watching more of this.
Next time, Mirai and Riko go to Diagon Alley.


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4 Responses to Maho Girls PreCure! Episode 2: PreCure School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I am loving this so far! It’s basically Harry Potter Precure, and it’s just amazing!

    Was there any other Precure where it wasn’t set in the normal world for the most part? I haven’t seen them all, so I wouldn’t know, but out of the ones I’ve seen, this is definitely the first to take the Precure out of Modern day Japan and keep them more in a magical world. They usually visit those worlds briefly, but this seems like they’re going to be here much more than Japan. Could be wrong of course, we have nearly 50 episodes to see where things go

    So much blushing

    • Rory says:

      Definitely with you there on loving this iteration of Precure so far.

      I’m pretty sure that this is the first time where the main setting is potentially the magical world, though like you say, it might be too early to call at the moment. Still, I would like to see more of the Magic World, so hopefully they stay there for a while.

  2. MarkS00N says:

    Most of my Precure knowledge comes from tvtropes, wikipedia, All-Star, and some videos on YouTube (as I haven’t been able to finish downloading all of them yet), but even then I am surprise by how many traditional precure thing they don’t follow while throwing enough nostalgic theme (like the handholding final attack thing)…

    Also, I love how it portrays Mirai and Rikko as caring for one another a lot…

    So far, I like this Precure a lot (and I say, makes me as excited as when DokiDoki still airing)…

    • Rory says:

      TV Tropes was the catalyst that got me to dive into the world of PreCure, and I’m glad I did so (for the most part). It keeps a sense of familiarity whilst giving us new stuff, which is a pretty good thing so far in my opinion.

      We’re only just at the beginning, but Mirai and Riko are definitely great together so far.

      I find myself eagerly anticipating new episodes of this one as well. It’s only early days, but I’m already quite keen on this PreCure.

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