First Impressions: Maho Girls PreCure!

Go! Princess PreCure has finished, and it turned out to be really rather quite good. Of course, we not here to focus on the old stuff, but rather the new: Maho Girls PreCure!, or Mahou Tsukai PreCure!, has started and I thought I’d share my initial impressions of it.

To begin with, I’ve only heard the opening and ending themes once so far, but I feel that they’ll both reach ear-worm status. Also, I really like Cure Miracle and Cure Magical using their brooms like guitars in the animation for the ending theme.

This first episode serves as an introduction for our two heroines; Mirai Asahina and Riko. Mirai is quite an excitable sort, and we first see her gazing out at the moon when she spots something.
That something happens to be Riko, a witch who is flying on a broom – she isn’t very good at it, though she says otherwise.

The two meet the following morning, with Riko searching for ‘Linkle Stones’ – no, they have nothing to do with Hyrule Warriors Legends, but that thought will always be there when I hear the name…

Anyway, Riko does nothing to hide the fact she is a witch – she flies on her broom out in the open, surprisingly drawing the attention of no one. Mirai doesn’t even notice her until she calls out to her. Oh, I should mention that Mirai brings her teddy bear Mofurun along with her – that’s important.
Anyway, food is shared, a broom ride is had and magic is used. The magic attracts the attention of one the antagonist named Batty, who attacks Mirai and Riko. The monster of the week in this iteration of PreCure is called a Yokubaaru.

This turn of events leads to Mirai and Riko transforming into the legendary witches Pretty Cure – Cure Miracle and Cure Magical respectively. A battle follows, and they actually manage to claim victory without using any flashy special attacks – only physical combat for their first fight, though this will probably change in the near future.
The music for the transformation is all right – I’d say it’s on par with Go! Princess PreCure.

Following their transformation, Mofurun is able to talk, and the two girls go and take a train to a magic school – no platform nine and three quarters, here, though…
Going by the preview, the train that will take them to the magic school is somewhat unconventional.

All in all, I’d have to say a fairly decent start to the new series of PreCure. I’m looking forward to seeing Mirai and Riko use the other transformations that the opening spoils, and of course, I’m also watching this through yuri goggles – the need for the two girls to hold hands during transformation is a good start for this, and the fact we’re starting out with two Cures makes it reminiscent of Suite PreCure.

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4 Responses to First Impressions: Maho Girls PreCure!

  1. MarkS00N says:

    Seen it about eight times and holy madoka that episode is gay!
    Well, not DokiDoki’s first episode level of Gay (then again it is DokiDoki), but that’s a lot of handholding right there…
    The OP and ED also have their face close to one another for a lot of time…

    Putting some confusing detail aside (Is magic something normal or not? Should people be excited or is it something normal? If it is normal, why Mirai is excited? Maybe we’ll get answer in the future), I am pumped for this season…
    As a person whose first Precure is DokiDoki, the last two season doesn’t excite me as much, so I am glad i feel this way for this year Precure…
    Then again I am biased…

    One thing that bugs my mind (and makes me really excited), isn’t the bear technically their kid?
    I mean it is their combine ‘effort’ that make the bear sentient, so…

    • Rory says:

      Let’s face it, we’ll probably never get anything as gay as DokiDoki again. The transformation sequence is also worth mentioning, particularly at one point where they appear to lean in towards each other.

      I too am looking forward to the rest of this season, though I did feel that Go! Princess PreCure was pretty good.

      That’s an interesting thought regarding Mofurun…

    • cirno9fan says:

      Highly suggested to check out Suite (if you haven’t already). It’s not as up there as Doki Doki in terms of lesbianness (can’t really beat “yuri cure”), but it’s still pretty high up there. Small warning that Kanade, the main character’s best friend/love interest, has a crush on a guy throughout, but it pretty much seems like she’s over it by the end anyway. And it’s not treated as seriously as the crushes get treated in other Precures.

      Fun way to look at the bear xD

  2. cirno9fan says:

    “Ear-worm” = ?
    If it means it’ll get annoying, I already listened to it on repeat quite a lot, and never tired of it~ But I’m a sucker for songs like that.

    It actually reminded me a lot more of Futari/Splash. Hopefully it is more like Suite though, and we don’t deal with Mirai doting on a guy throughout.

    Music aside, that has got to be the most catchy transformation phrase yet o_o

    I’m a bid adverse to how much older they look with the transformation, but ah well, it’s Precure.

    I actually hope they go all magical with fights in the future, but use magic more as a combat tool, rather than just a finisher. It being a witch Precure, I really hope for this.

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