Thoughts on K-On! Volume 2

Continuing with the K-On! manga, let’s take a quick look at volume 2 and the events that unfold – most importantly, the introduction of a new character.

K-On! Volume 2

From the back of the volume:
It’s been almost a year since the girls of the pop-music club started jamming together, but the start of the new year is no time to look back on their journey – it’s time to recruit new members! Despite their inexperience, the girls’ passionate performance at the entrance ceremony impresses first-year Azusa, a budding guitar player who can’t wait to join. But she didn’t expect there to be so much tea drinking in the pop-music club. Or cosplaying… When do they get around to making music?!

Once again, the volume starts with coloured pages. These pages have Mio dressed up as a nurse, and the introduction of Azusa Nakano. Also, being the set at the start of a new school year means that classes get shifted around, leaving Mio separated from the rest of the pop music club.
So then we get the aforementioned entrance ceremony performance, as well as the pop-music club hoping that they’ll be able to get new members.
Enter Azusa, who does join the club… and quickly discovers that eating snacks and drinking tea takes precedence. What follows is Azusa trying to be responsible, but in the end she isn’t able to resist the allure of cake.
Of course, being in the pop-music club means being subjected Sawako’s whims. It only starts with some cat ears, but Azusa gains a new nickname from Yui because of this – in this translation, it’s ‘Azu-meow’ – personally, I feel ‘Azu-nyan’ sounds better, but it is an accurate translation.
Afterwards, we get to see Azusa adjusting to being in the pop-music club – not much changes, and more snacks are consumed than music played. Azusa also discovers that club trips are more of the same – no colour pages for the swimsuit shots this time, though.
It was inevitable that Azusa would see the footage of the gig where Mio tripped – this takes place during colour pages, and Azusa very much likes what she sees, if the nosebleed is any indication.
The club’s band is also named in this volume – ‘After School Teatime’.
Turns out Ui is particularly gifted when it comes to playing guitar – something that actually gives her away when she’s pretending to be Yui when the latter falls ill. Sawako is able to tell straight away, based on the girls’ bust sizes…
The girls play another show, and then we have some new year’s stuff.

The bonus stuff at the end of the volume includes a chapter to celebrate the anime adaptation, and bonus comics. In fact the bonus comics have the same theme as the previous volume – taking a photo of someone whilst they’re sleeping, and Tsumugi’s eyebrows.
There’s a few pages of translation notes, and that’s pretty much it.

Azusa and Mio are my favourite K-On! characters, so to have the former introduced in this volume makes it rather enjoyable for me. I’m particularly fond of the way in which Azusa tries to be serious, but ends up getting swept along with the rest of the pop-music club’s antics.

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