Rory’s Reviews: Go! Princess PreCure

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Go! Princess PreCure
is the twelfth installment of Izumi Todo’s Pretty Cure franchise. It is a fifty episode long magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation. The director is Yuta Tanaka and the writer is Hitoshi Tanaka – the latter of which also wrote Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans. Character designs are by Yukiko Nakatani.

The story begins with a young Haruko Haruno, who has a dream of becoming a princess. She meets a boy named Kanata who gives her a charm and tells her to never give up on her dream.
Ten years later is when the story starts proper, with Haruka attending the Noble Academy boarding school. Though she is thirteen at this point, Haruka still holds on to her dream of becoming a princess.
After an encounter with Pafu and Aroma – two fairies from the Hope Kingdom, and the mascots for this iteration of Pretty Cure – Haruka also encounters a man named Close. Close works for an organisation called Dys Dark, which is led by a witch named Dyspear. As you might be able to guess, Dyspear wants to throw the entire world into despair – this is done by locking away people’s dreams.
Turns out the charm from Kanata is a key, to be used with the Princess Perfume given to her by the fairies. When Haruka uses the key, she transforms into Cure Flora – one of the legendary warriors Pretty Cure.
Haruka is joined by three others as Princess PreCure; Minami Kaido, Kirara Amanogawa and Towa Akagi. They are Cure Mermaid, Cure Twinkle and Cure Scarlet respectively. The Princess PreCures’ goal is to collect all of the Dress Up Keys and protect people’s dreams from Dys Dark.

As with other iterations of Pretty Cure before it, Go! Princess PreCure follows a monster of the week formula – not that this detracts from the overall appeal in anyway. Naturally, there are some exceptions to this rule – again, something that is normal for Pretty Cure, particularly when the plot kicks in.

Cure Flora, or Haruka Haruno in civilian form, is the lead Cure for this season. As mentioned before she dreams of becoming a princess – a dream that resulted in her being bullied when she was younger. She is seemingly always full of energy and tends to be fairly clumsy.
The blue Cure for this season is Minami Kaido, who transforms into Cure Mermaid. Cure Mermaid is one year older than Haruka, and is known throughout Noble Academy for her beauty, elegance and caring nature. Oh, she’s also the student council president of Noble Academy.
Next up is fan-favourite Kirara Amanogawa, who transforms into Cure Twinkle. She’s an up and coming fashion model who attends Noble Academy. Kirara is also reluctant to become a Cure at first, returning the Princess Perfume twice in her introduction episode. Her work as a fashion model is the reason behind this, though she accepts the call in the end.
The fourth Cure doesn’t join until part-way into the series. Towa Akagi transforms into Cure Scarlet. Towa had a sheltered life before becoming a Princess PreCure, so she’s lacking in social experience – she does possess skills in a variety of areas such as dance, music and academics, though.

In each season of Pretty Cure, you’ll also tend to find a ‘big good’ – Prince Kanata serves this role in Go! Princess PreCure. From time to time Kanata will fight alongside the Princess PreCures, with there being jokes about him being the fifth Cure – still, it’s nice to have a royal who actually does something.

Of course, a big good is generally opposed by a big bad – in this case, Dyspear. Dyspear will also actively take part in the action on occasion, proving that she’s not just some ominous presence who hands out commands to her underlings.
Out of Dyspear’s underlings, Close is the most notable – he’s the first villain the Cures fight proper. So what’s so great about a starter villain? Well, watch the series and find out. Shut and Lock, the other two main underlings, also have some interesting development throughout the series.
Oh, and it’s definitely worth mentioning Princess Twilight – she is the evil counterpart of the Princess PreCure. Twilight considers herself to be the only true princess in the series, and is certainly capable of holding her own in a fight.

In terms of other characters, the only ones worth mentioning are Yui Nanase and Miss Siamour. Miss Siamour is a Siamese cat fairy who peppers almost every sentence with English words. She can transform into a human, and is the one who teaches the Cures how to be princesses.
Yui Nanase is the first friend Haruka makes at Noble Academy. It doesn’t take long for Yui to discover that Haruka and the others are the legendary warriors Pretty Cure. Of course, possessing that knowledge means that she is probably the person who’s dream is targeted most throughout the series, but that certainly leads to some interesting events during the last couple of times. Yui is another character that is popular with the fans, and with good reason.
There’s a whole host of other characters – the students and staff of Noble Academy, the Cures’ friends and families and a few others. Naturally, if any of those characters have the spotlight, their probably going to be the victim of the week.

The Princess PreCures’ objectives to collect all the Dress Up Keys and become Grand Princesses are not easy, and they have plenty of hardships to overcome. One that sticks in mind particularly is the inevitable descent into despair for one of the characters – it wasn’t an enemy who drove her into that state.
Actually, the Cures have tough decisions to make when it comes to their dreams – Kirara finds it tough to balance being a model and a Cure for example. We get to see how the characters tackle those decisions and the effects they have.

Go! Princess PreCure is probably the best looking Pretty Cure to date – episodes 30, 39 and the finale are all pretty spectacular examples of this. The fights in particular are great fun to watch, with many that wouldn’t look out of place in a shonen anime. Of course, most fights ends with a big flashy special attack, but the hand-to-hand combat on display is brilliant.

So if you’ve read my ‘Thoughts on Pretty Cure‘ post, you know that I got into Pretty Cure because of the yuri subtext. Go! Princess PreCure has plenty of that as well. This is something that is definitely worth watching with yuri goggles, if you’re into that.
Anyways, Haruka has moments with all of the female cast that count as subtext – my particular favourite being episode 9, with Minami chooses to have her first dance with Haruka, and Haruka calling herself Minami’s knight.
Another great example of this is when Kirara tickles Towa in order to make her smile – this is probably the most intimate you’ll see two characters in PreCure. Oh, they also become roommates as well.
Haruka also has a few notable moments with Yui, the first of which is right in the first episode. Haruka could start her own harem with the female characters – though it wouldn’t even come close to Mana’s.
Haruka and Minami are one of my personal favourite pairings from this season, as well as Kirara and Towa.

Score: 9/10
One of the best-looking iterations of Pretty Cure to date. It blows its predecessor, HappinessCharge PreCure, out of the water, and should be watched by all fans of the magical girl genre. Of course, it does mean that Maho Girls PreCure! has a tough act to follow…

Sometime in the near future, I’ll be posting an updated ranking for the Pretty Cure series, so if you want to know what I think of this series compared to all the others, keep an eye on my blog.

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7 Responses to Rory’s Reviews: Go! Princess PreCure

  1. OG-Man says:

    Reblogged this on The Yuri Nation and commented:
    And so the latest entry in the PreCure franchise comes to a close courtesy of Mr Rory “McAllister”…meaning yet another entry to add to my ever growing list of “PreCure shows I need to watch at some point in my life”.

  2. cirno9fan says:

    I mean, I’m a huge fan of yuri, but I think it’s a bit unfair to write this out and not let your readers be informed that this pushes a romance between Haruka and Kanata very hard. It also pushes a romance between Haruka and that one guy who plays baseball (I think it was?), not as equally hard, but decently hard. As for Kanata and Haruka, a special attack that the Precure use a lot later on is literally “To HarukaKanata!” That’s basically dropping a ship name into an attack ._. Not to mention everything else that happens throughout the show.

    Again, I get yuri goggles, but I just don’t like to see others get really burned by things when someone leaves out important details like that. I just don’t see Haruka a good choice to invest goggles in. Kirara and the others have plenty to work with. Minami even gets someone she could possibly end up with after she graduates. And Kirara has her pick of the litter. Towa gets kinda screwed, but maybe someday that’ll change…

    That aside: Kirara is definitely the best~
    And Yui was amazing! I was really surprised. She turned out to be something like the Hummy of the show. I haven’t seen all the Precure, but I’m pretty sure what she did was a first in the franchise. Being a normal human and all.

    I was pretty sad that it couldn’t end something like Doki Doki. Guess not everyone can be as awesome as Mana and co.

    Pretty interested to see the movie. I personally really didn’t enjoy this precure (too much Haruka is the crux of this, but the finale also really fell short for me, surprising, considering how well fight scenes had been carried out before), but feel like the movie might be pretty neat.

    “Fifth Precure” lol….it kinda did feel like that. And started to get a bit silly xD

    • Rory says:

      Yeah, I guess you’re right about Kanata. I believe the ‘one guy’ you mentioned is Yuuki, who was one of Haruka’s bullies when she was younger – it was tennis that he played. And for fans of foe yay, Close covers that option pretty well.
      In the end, the yuri subtext thing is just something that allows me to enjoy this series a little more. Ultimately it’s up to the viewer what to make of all that stuff, if they so choose.

      For me personally, I would have to say that Minami is my favourite character from this season – I tend to have a bias towards the blue Cures. Still, I can respect Kirara’s popularity with the fans, and Yui is fully deserving of the praise you have for her.

      I too am interesting in checking out the movie, particularly as it consists of three shorts rather than one main story.

      Regardless of what you think about the finale, that last fight was definitely well animated. I too felt it could have done with a little more, but at least it was nice to watch.

      • cirno9fan says:

        I can definitely agree that it was animated well, as were a good amount of the fight scenes. That’s what I can definitely say this has over other Precure: They pulled off fights the best

  3. neptuniafan says:

    Without a doubt, the best Precure series to date. I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to know why the Precure franchise is an awesome anime franchise till this day.

    Now I know Maho Tsukai Precure is not going to be as good as Go Princess (though I still hope so), but if the series manages to be fun and entertaining, then I am happy with it.

    • Rory says:

      Definitely a great series, though Doki Doki remains my personal favourite.

      Maybe Maho Tsukai PreCure will surprise us, you never know. Only time will tell…

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