Maho Girls PreCure! Details

Maho Girls PreCure
As I’ve stated in a previous post, I shall be posting a few details about the thirteenth iteration of the Pretty Cure series, known as Maho Girls PreCure.
There was a point where some details were leaked, or put on the internet and then taken down, but the stuff I will cover here is now confirmed.

Suppose a good place to start is with the introduction of the characters.

Cure Miracle

Cure Miracle/Mirai Asahina

First up is Mirai Asahina, who transforms into Cure Miracle. Rie Takahashi (Seiyu’s Life!‘s Futaba, SCHOOL-LIVE‘s Miki) will be voicing her. Mirai is a 13-year old girl who is going into her second year of middle school. Her info states that she loves anything interesting, and is interested in many things – seems rather vague if you ask me. She starts attending ‘Magic School’ when she becomes a PreCure.

Cure Magical

Cure Magical

Next is Riko, who transforms into Cure Magical. The voice actress for her is Yui Horie (Miss Monochrome‘s titular character, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic‘s Yamraiha). Riko is also thirteen years old, and she attends ‘Magic School’. She’s good at studying, but not so much when it comes to performing magic. Her goal is to become a wonderful magic user. She meets Mirai in the human world whilst searching for the ‘Link Stone Emerald’.



Naturally, it wouldn’t be Pretty Cure without a fairy mascot, and Mofurun serves that role for this series. Starting out as Mirai’s precious stuffed animal, Mofurun gains the ability to talk and sense magic when Mirai and Riko transform.

The story begins during the spring break before Mirai’s second year of middle school. Mirai witnesses a mysterious object fall into a park, and goes to investigate, bringing along her stuffed bear. She sees Riko flying on a broom – naturally, Mirai has questions for her. Riko says she is looking for something. The two girls also happen to be wearing similar pendants…
The girls are then confronted by Batti, an ally of the dark magic user Dokurokushi. He demands the Link Stone Emerald, and creates a monster called a ‘Yokobaru’ which drives the girls into a corner. Of course, this pushes them into transforming.

Oh, and here’s a quick advert, narrated by Rie Takahashi:

So, it looks like PreCure is taking a sort of Harry Potter/Little Witch Academia route, with witches being the main motif – this is perfectly fine by me. The main theme will be friendship.
Now, I’m only speculating here, but as far as we know, there are only two Cures, and they have to hold hands to transform – I feel like those who watch PreCure for the yuri subtext (myself included) might be in for a treat. Of course, it’s entirely possible more Cures will be introduced later, a la Suite PreCure. Hopefully we get another pairing as good as Hibiki and Kanade (though they aren’t my personal favourite PreCure pairing – that honour goes to Mana and Regina, from Doki Doki.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what Maho Girls PreCure has in store, though Go! Princess PreCure has set the standard really quite high. Maho Girls PreCure will air on Japanese TV from February 7th, taking over Go! Princess PreCure‘s timeslot once it finishes.

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