Rory’s Reviews: JK-MESHI!

JK-MESHI! is a series of anime shorts that focus on three high school girls who cook various simple dishes. Each episode runs for a little over three minutes, so there this will be a short review. It is available on Crunchyroll.

There are three characters in JK-MESHI!, all of which are high school girls. They are the somewhat airheaded Ruriko Igarashi (pink-haired girl), the serious Ryouka Asahina (blue hair) and the one responsible for most of the cooking, Reina Saeki.

Each episode is split into two halves – the first half has the girls discussing something, whether it be Japanese history or films, and the second has them cooking food.
Rather than the mouth-watering dishes you would find in Gourmet Girl Graffiti, the food they prepare in JK-MESHI! are pretty much what you would expect from students – simple and cheap dishes, probably using whatever was available at the time.
That covers the entirety of the anime – it establishes a formula and sticks to it. Once you’ve seen one episode, you’ve pretty much seen them all.

The animation of JK-MESHI! is very simplistic. It definitely has the appearance of a show with a low budget. The humour is all right – nothing more, nothing less.

Score: 4/10
Unfortunately, JK-MESHI! exists in a world where Gourmet Girl Graffiti exists, which is a much better take on school girls cooking food. This anime is a pretty forgettable experience overall.

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