Rory’s Reviews: Anime De Training! Ex

Anime de Training! Ex
Anime De Training! Ex (also known as Ani Tore! EX) is an anime series that was produced by Rising Force and Earth Star Entertainment. It is, effectively, a series of exercise videos.

Anime De Training! Ex is clearly aimed towards an otaku audience, seemingly with the goal of getting them up and exercising along with some stereotypical anime girls. There are five girls in all; Asami Hoshi, Eri Higuchi, Yuu Hiraoka, Shizuno Saotome and Shion Tachibana.
These five girls possess traits that appeal to an otaku audience, whether it be wearing glasses or believing they have mystical powers. Also, liberal use of male gaze results in lingering shots of the girls’ bodies, which might serve as a… err, distraction, for a certain type of otaku…
For the first five episodes, the girls take it in turns to present the viewer with an exercise routine – yes, they address the viewer directly.
Episodes after that have the girls working out together, with them possibly pairing up or even forming a trio. Naturally, all five appear together for the last couple of episodes.
Oh, and at certain points the girls wear animal ears, and the final episode has them wearing swimsuits – because, hey, otakus like that, right?

Whilst the girls are informing the viewer how to do exercises, chibi versions of them will pop up to give tips and tell you how the exercise will benefit you. This is mixed in with some more usual girl talk, though the main focus is on the exercise.

The final episode is a musical number featuring a montage of previous episodes, and is also a beach episode. Gotta appeal to those otaku!

Score: N/A
Maybe the exercises are effective, who knows? They do give some detailed explanations, so it would be better to rate this as a series of exercise videos rather than an anime series. One thing not in its favour is the way it tries to appeal to the otaku crowd – honestly, that stuff could just be left out.

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