Thoughts on the Project Mirai DX Soundtrack

Before I started playing my 3DS Game of the Month for September, I was ambivalent at best about the existence of Vocaloids. I could identify Miku Hatsune and I know that she usurped the leek spin meme from Bleach‘s Orihime Inoue.
However, now I’ve played Project Mirai DX, I’m now familiar with 48 Vocaloid songs. I figured I’d share my thoughts about each and every one of them here.

I will include a screenshot for each song of the accompanying video, just so I can inflict the game’s sugary sweetness upon anyone who reads this post. For some of the tracks, you have the option to switch between Vocaloids – I’ll list all possible performers for each one.

Finder (DSLR remix-re:edit)

Lyrics/Music: kz
Singer: Miku Hatsune
If you play the songs in order, then this pop song is the first one you’ll encounter. I’m not a fan of pop myself, but I guess this song is a serviceable introduction into the world of Vocaloid. The video that goes along with it is just Miku dancing – nothing particularly extraordinary about this one.

Sweet Magic
Lyrics/Music: Junky
Singer: Rin Kagamine
Rin sings about making a cake with love, whilst using a whisk as a wand to summon sweet treats. She’s also performing on top of a giant cake which becomes bigger as the video goes on, and the song is actually quite catchy.

Deep Sea Girl
Lyrics/Music: Yuuyu
Singer: Miku Hatsune
A song that I think is better than Finder, and I like the video where Miku is sinking into the depths of the ocean. Of course, this is a match for the lyrics as Miku sings about sinking into an ocean whilst catching a fleeting glimpse of light.

Animal Fortune-telling

Lyrics/Music: scop
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Luka Megurine/MEIKO
This song is quite good, but the video is what stands out for me. I like the illustrations of the different animals, which are from the recent Japanase divination trend based on an animal horoscope.

Terekakushi Shishunki

Lyrics/Music: HoneyWorks
Singer: Len Kagamine/KAITO
I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the male Vocaloids, but this song helped to make a great first impression. I really like this song, which is simply about the innocent love between brother and sister – if you want something less… innocent, than the game has you covered on that base as well – but that’s not this song.

The World is Mine

Lyrics/Music: ryo
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Miku claims that she is the ‘number one princess in the world’ in this song. Whether or not you agree, this song is great. I really like how arrogant Miku is here.

Amatsu Kitsune

Lyrics/Music: marasy
Singer: Rin Kagamine
It all goes a bit Touhou on us here, with Rin as a kitsune who desperately wants to fly. The video showcases this in Project Mirai DX‘s sickeningly sweet manner, and I really like the song that goes along with it.

Ageage Again

Lyrics/Music: Mitchie M
Singer: Miku Hatsune
This song is one of the most catchy in the entire soundtrack. Whilst the video is simply Miku dancing, the song will repeat in your brain Ageage Again and again.


Lyrics/Music: Yuuyu
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Another catchy song, featuring Miku singing and dancing whilst KAITO just shakes a cocktail in the background.


Lyrics/Music: DECO*27
Singer: Miku Hatsune
I really love this song – the upbeat tempo and the optimistic lyrics make for some really joyful listening. I also really like the original 2D PV for this song, featuring a young Miku who chases her dream. Oh, yeah, this song is about chasing your dreams.

Doremifa Rondo

Lyrics/Music: 40mP
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Quite possibly the catchiest song in the entire soundtrack. Everyone’s doing a rondo, and they won’t stop even after you’ve finished listening to this song. The video is fun to watch, with all the different animals and people joining in on doing a rondo.

reverse rainbow

Lyrics/Music: sunzriver
Singers: Miku Hatsune & Rin Kagamine/Rin Kagamine & Len Kagamine/Miku Hatsune & Luka Megurine
Just when you think the game can’t get any cuter, you get reverse rainbow and that screenshot I specifically chose above. I’ve said before that pop isn’t really my thing, but there are exceptions. This happens to be one of those.


Lyrics/Music: One cup P
Singers: Miku Hatsune & MEIKO
Project Mirai DX has plenty of earworms, and this duet between Miku and MEIKO is one of them. It’s hard not to love this song when you love cats.

Hello/How are you?

Lyrics/Music: Nanou
Singer: Miku Hatsune
I quite like this song, and the melody for it is nice. There’s a lot of Japanese text in the video, which seem to the lyrics. Fortunately, there’s a romaji translation on the touch screen, so you can sing along.


Lyrics/Music: Toraboruta
Singer: Rin Kagamine
In this song, and video, Rin is a robot who yearns to have a heart. This song is quite a sad one, and I think the song and video go well with the lyrics.


Lyrics/Music: OSTER project
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Miku is a piano girl, and this song is about not giving up on the things you do. Of course, the piano features quite heavily in this track, which is a decent song. I like the video for this one quite a bit.

Happy Synthesizer

Lyrics/Music: EasyPop
Singers: Luka Megurine & GUMI
GUMI guest stars on a few songs, and I have to say that this technopop tune is probably my least favourite GUMI duet. I do like the visualiser stage that Luka and GUMI dance on, and the tune does have a catchiness to it.


Lyrics/Music: Re:nG
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Len Kagamine/Luka Megurine/KAITO/MEIKO
Another upbeat song, one that was used for the Hatunse Miku: Cheerful ver. Nendoroid figure in 2011. Fittingly, the Vocaloids don cheerleading costumes for this number which is all about making people happy. I think this song is quite successful at lifting spirits.

1/6 -out of the gravity-

Lyrics/Music: vocaliod-P(noa)
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Songs that feature electric guitars are ones that appeal to me more, and 1/6 -out of the gravity- is one of them. Not my favourite, but still a pretty good track.

Mousou Sketch

Lyrics/Music: 40mP
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine
A love song that I would happily rock out to, as suggested in the linger notes. Whilst the song is good, what really makes this video stand out is the transforming schoolhouse that Miku/Rin performs on.


Lyrics/Music: T-POCKET
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Len Kagamine/Luka Megurine/KAITO/MEIKO
Another song that I really like. It’s also really catchy, so you won’t be likely to forget it for a long while. I really like the guitar solo in this song. The video is great, too.


Lyrics/Music: Hachi
Singers: Miku Hatsune & GUMI
This is probably my favourite song in the entire Project Mirai DX soundtrack. Everything about it is quite surreal – the video is reminiscent of a witch’s labyrinth from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and the song is ‘purposefully crazed’.


Lyrics: orange
Music: SignalP
Singers: Miku Hatsune & KAITO
A retelling of Cinderella, told with a song that is actually pretty good. A quick look at the English translation reveals that this song is a darker take on the fairy tale, at first.


Lyrics: orange
Music: SignalP
Singers: Rin Kagamine & Len Kagamine
Remember what I said about less innocent love between brother and sister? This is that song… which is exactly the same as Cendrillon in every way, except for the lyrics. Given a choice between this or Cendrillon, I would pick Cendrillon every time.

on the rocks

Lyrics/Music: OSTER project
Singers: KAITO & MEIKO
This rock/jazz song contains adult themes, but you wouldn’t know that unless you sought out the English translation for the lyrics. Still a decent song, though.

No Logic

Lyrics/Music: JIMMY SAM P
Singer: Luka Megurine
A fairly enjoyable song performed by Luka, about following the heart over reason. Not much else to say about it, though.

*Hello, Planet.

Lyrics/Music: sasakure.UK
Singer: Miku Hatsune
A chiptune track, which I really like. The video helps to evoke that video game feel, and the Vocaloids’ voices are pretty much a natural fit for this kind of thing. Love the pixelated style of video, too.

Romeo and Cinderella

Lyrics/Music: doriko
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Luka Megurine
Here’s another song I enjoy quite a bit. The stage is a castle, and the song is a great listen.

LOL -lots of laugh-

Lyrics: Endcape
Music: KeN
Singer: Miku Hatsune
This ‘Miku Pop’ song has a needlessly creepy rabbit that guides Miku around a theme park. The song is one that will worm its way into your mind, and firmly lodge itself there. Oh, and this is one of the two songs that was available on the free demo that you can download from the Nintendo eShop.


Lyrics/Music: Kurousa P (WhiteFlame)
Singer: Miku Hatsune
The second song available on the demo, and the one that convinced me to buy the game. Of course, I love rock songs, and this J-rock song is one that I very much like. The video goes along well with the song as well, with Miku on performing on a speeding train.

Aku no Musume

Lyrics/Music: mothy
Singer: Rin Kagamine
Project Mirai DX shows that it isn’t scared to have a dark side with this song. I really like the storybook feel of the video, even if it does involve the execution of Rin…

Aku no Meshitsuka

Lyrics/Music: mothy
Singer: Len Kagamine
This song reveals a truth about the execution seen in Aku no Musume, whilst further building out the setting of the world. Both of these songs have the storybook feel, and I quite like both of them.


Lyrics/Music: halyosy
Singer: KAITO/Len Kagamine
The male Vocaloids continue to prove that they won’t be left behind by the females with this decent song. The video features KAITO or Len performing in an area that reminds me of Tale of Symphonia‘s Flanoir. I just hope the yellow snow is due to the lighting…


Lyrics/Music: kemu
Singers: Rin Kagamine & GUMI
Another GUMI duet that I really love. This time Rin gets in on the action with her. This song is definitely one of my favourites due to the relentless hard rock tempo.

Gaikotsu Gakudan to Riria

Lyrics/Music: tohma
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Miku performs alongside a skeleton band, in this catchy number. Instrument-playing skeletons are great, but Miku is definitely the star of the show in this video.


Lyrics/Music: PinocchioP
Singer: Miku Hatsune
The liner notes describe this as a ‘rollercoaster of an earworm’, but I don’t think this song is as quite as catchy as some of the others. The video has some bizarre moments, but I like those kind of things. To be honest, the song doesn’t leave much of an impression on me.

Electric Love

Lyrics/Music: Hachioji-P
Singer: Miku Hatsune
This electro-pop song is catchy, though I don’t know whether it ‘shines and sparkles’. Maybe it’s because ‘Electric Love’ is sung in English that it sticks in the mind.


Lyrics/Music: Junky
Singer: Rin Kagamine
Quite possibly my favourite of Rin’s solo songs. That would be because it leans more towards the rock side of things, I guess.

1 2 Fanclub

Lyrics/Music: mikitoP
Singers: Rin Kagamine & GUMI
The second song to feature a duet between Rin and GUMI, which has a distinctly Chinese flavour to it. Whilst those panda hoods are cute, this song is another one that doesn’t really do much for me.

Electric Angel

Lyrics/Music: Yasuo
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Luka Megurine
A song written from Miku’s point of view, which you can naturally choose to have sung by Rin or Luka instead. The video has another visualiser style stage, and the song itself isn’t too bad.


Lyrics/Music: Kuwagata P
Singer: Luka Megurine/Miku Hatsune
I enjoy this song, and the video is pretty good too. This is another song I don’t really have much else to say about.

Tricolore Airline

Lyrics/Music: atsuzoukun
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Luka Megurine/MEIKO
This song with a samba beat doesn’t really do much for me, though I imagine it does have fans out there.


Lyrics/Music: OSTER project
Singer: MEIKO/Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/KAITO
Whichever Vocaloid you choose to perform this song is shown stealing a necklace and being chased by the police. I quite like a video, and the song is all right.

Kimi no Taion

Lyrics/Music: Kuwagata P
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Another song that I think is pretty great. The video also features Miku air guitaring, and that’s brilliant. I do quite like the illustrations featured in the video, and I’d have to agree with the liner notes when it says there’s chemistry between Kuwagata P’s light guitar and Ryono’s illustrations.


Lyrics/Music: keeno
Singer: Miku Hatsune
A slower paced song, but one that I really love. This post-rock song is keeno’s debut, and it has a sort of gracefulness to it.

Nice To Meet You, Mr. Earthling

Lyrics/Music: PinocchioP
Singer: Miku Hatsune
The theme tune for Project Mirai DX, which is incredibly upbeat and cheery. This song is really enjoyable and uplifting.

Watashi no jikan

Lyrics/Music: Kuchibashi
Singer: Miku Hatsune/Rin Kagamine/Len Kagamine
Miku hit #1 on the Oricon charts with this song, and I can see why. This could easily serve as Miku’s theme tune, as it makes mention of NicoNico Douga and the leek spin meme (Orihime still did it first…). It helps that the song is really upbeat, and I think the video that goes along with it is great.

shake it !

Lyrics/Music: emon
Singer: Miku Hatsune
This dance number is the song that plays over the credits of the game, after you’ve played through all of the other tracks for the first time. Miku is backed by Rin and Len in this song, which I think is a fairly decent way to end things.

And there we have it – my opinion on all of the tracks available in Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX. This game is definitely one that is worth picking up if you are into the rhythm genre of games.

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