Rory’s Wii U Game of August 2015

My Wii U Game of the Month for August 2015 is one that has not been very well received by critics at all… however, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of it so far. The game combines brawler and shooter elements.

Devil’s Third features both single and multiplayer modes.
In single player, you take control of heavily tattooed bald man called Ivan. The enemy you are up against is the School of Democracy, or SOD. Ivan had previously worked with SOD before, but now he has to fight them – don’t expect a groundbreaking story here.
You can either gun down your enemies or use a variety of melee weapons to make them explode into a bloody mess.
Whilst there are plenty of mooks to mow down, those members of SOD who actually have names serve as bosses.

Multiplayer is the best part of Devil’s Third. When you first start it up, you have to customise your character – name, gender and their camouflage. More options such as headgear, tops, bottoms and hairstyles are available as well, but you need to earn Dollen (the in-game currency) to buy them. Some things require you to be a certain level to access them – you can bypass this by using Golden Eggs.
The game starts you off with a Training Rifle, but you can purchase different weapons.

The first multiplayer option you gain access to is ‘Drill’. This contains a few different game modes – Battle Royal is just you standard all vs. all deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is exactly what it says on the tin. Close Quarters is Team Deathmatch with melee weapons only. Cargo Capture has teams fighting to control cargo drops, which may contain powerful weapons.
Devil’s Third also has some more quirkier types of matches, such as Chickens. In this mode, you have to find and catch chickens. You earn points based on the amount of time you control the chickens for, and you can defeat enemies to steal their chickens.
Also, coming out on September 1st is Carnival, a mode which involves fruit.

Once you hit a high enough level on multi-player, you can participate in Siege Matches. You do this by joining a clan – you can only be affiliated with one at a time, though you change whenever you like.
If you create a clan, you are the General of that clan. You can set the clan name and emblem, change the level and decide the pay for the clan and nominate Captains, dismiss members, etc.

Once you’ve made or joined a clan, you can participate in Siege Battles. You can either go on the offensive and assault an enemy clan’s fortress, or you could defend your own clan’s fortress. There is also a ‘Free Entry’ option, which has you enter the battle as an independent mercenary – this automatically assigns you to either the attacking or defending team.

Devil’s Third definitely has flaws, but that hasn’t prevented me from enjoying it. A quick browse through the game’s Miiverse community shows that players are actually enjoying the game for the most part.

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