Videos and Food

It feels like it’s been a little while since I made a blog post, so I figured I’d just make one to let people know about a few things I’ve managed to do recently.

First up, way back from 2012, I created a YouTube account called ‘BritishRedKing’, on which I uploaded a Let’s Play of Rosenkreuzstilette. I’ll admit the audio isn’t the best quality in the world, but it will give those curious enough a chance to hear what I sound like. The entire playlist is embedded below.

I know Gourmet Girl Graffiti aired a little while ago now, but it sparked an interest in me in cooking Japanese dishes. However, I wasn’t really able to find some of the required ingredients until recently. With that said, I had a crack at making omurice the night previous to the writing of this post.
I bought sushi rice, Quorn pieces (I’m pescatarian, you see) and diced onion (which is totally cheating by avoiding cutting the onion, but hey…) – everything else I already had.
The sushi rice was really easy to cook, though I did use way too much – still I ate all of it, so it didn’t matter in the end. Frying the Quorn pieces and onions posed very little trouble – nothing about the recipe I followed was complicated in slightest. The rice was added to the frying pan (which was too small…) and the whole lot was seasoned with salt, pepper and tomato ketchup.
Making the omelette was something I hadn’t done before, but again, it was simple – beat two eggs together, season with salt and pepper, then just fry.
Here’s where having too much rice became a problem – I wasn’t able to fold the omelette over after putting the rice, Quorn and onions on it – still, it definitely served as a perfectly decent meal.
I’ve still got some sushi rice leftover, so I’m tempted to tackle making onigiri – which is easy, from what I’ve seen.

Going back to YouTube again, Fairy Tail Series 2 recently aired my favourite part of the Tartaros Arc – Wendy vs. Ezel. Wendy happens to be my favourite character in Fairy Tail, and she gains a power-up in that fight – plus, it was great fun to watch. With that in mind, I thought combining that fight scene with a song from DragonForce should happen – so, I made an AMV. It’s not the most elaborate thing in the world, but I figured I’d share it here anyway. Oh, this is on my other YouTube account, roryoc100 – which also have plenty of Touhou music to listen to, if you so desire.

So there you have it – a post about videos and food. Maybe I’ll do more LPs in the future – who knows? I’m definitely going to attempt more cooking.

About Rory

I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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