Rory’s Reviews: Wish Upon the Pleiades

Wish Upon the Pleiades
Wish Upon the Pleiades, or Hōkago no Pleiades, is a twelve-episode magical girl anime produced by Gainax. It was directed by Shōji Saeki.

The plot of Wish Upon the Pleiades is simple – a girl named Subaru stumbles across a group of magical girls, one of which is her childhood friend Aoi. Subaru becomes a magical girl as well, and she and the others are tasked with collecting the fragments of a spaceship for an alien known as a Pleiadian.
Of course, collecting the fragments isn’t easy – the girls have to travel into space to find the majority of them, and they are not the only ones seeking the fragments.
All in all, the plot is pretty standard when it comes down to it – the main characters need to collect the things, there is an enemy who also wants to collect the things.

Towards the beginning of the series, each of the magical girls gets an episode dedicated to them, which helps to build their characters. This is particularly true for Nanako, who’s dialogue is usually just translation for the Pleiadian.
Aside from the five magical girls, there is also a boy named Minato that Subaru interacts with. His appearance is similar to that of the antagonist – because they’re the same character. It’s incredibly obvious from the start, and this ‘reveal’, if you will, is utterly predictable.

One strong point this anime has going for it is the visuals – when the girls venture out into space, it generally looks pretty great. Fortunately, that happens quite a bit.

All in all, Wish Upon the Pleiades doesn’t really do anything to stand out – it’s just an average magical girl anime.

Score: 5/10
A magical girl anime that exists. There really isn’t much to say about this one.

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