Rory’s Reviews: Re-Kan!

Re-Kan! is a thirteen episode animated adaptation of a four-panel manga series by Hinako Seta. It was adapted by Pierrot+, and directed by Masashi Kudo.

Hibiki Amami, a high school girl, possesses a sixth sense. This allows her to perceive and interact with ghosts. She transfers to a new school, making a new group of friends. Amongst them is Narumi Inoue, a girl who is scared of ghosts. Despite this, Hibiki and Narumi become close friends.

Though Re-Kan! is a comedy, the places where it truly shines are when it is tugging at your heartstrings. Deceased relatives, old friends, murder victims – all sorts of ghosts surround Hibiki. Through these, she is able to make connections with the living – something that is proven in the penultimate episode thanks to Narumi.

As for the actual comedy, watching Narumi’s reactions whenever ghosts become involved is a lot of fun. The one guy of the group (of classmates), Kenta Yamada, (and his brother on occasion) is the designated victim for slapstick. Kana Uehara and Kyōko Esumi have some pretty funny interactions with each other and the other characters.
One running gag that is just lame is the perverted cat – his raison d’être is to see the underwear of the school girls. His attempts are foiled, but nothing would be lost if this particular gag were to be dropped.
Admittedly, the cat does lampshade the yuri undertones of the relationship shared by Hibiki and Narumi. This only happens twice though, and it’s not like it is hard to miss.

The yuri undertones are prevalent throughout the whole series, not just the times that the cat highlights them.

Score: 8/10
Re-Kan! does have funny moments, but it shines best with the heartwarming and tear-jerker moments.

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