Nintendo @ E3 2015: Digital Event

So, I’ve caught up on the Digital Event, and here’s the post I said I would make about it afterwards.

Things started off with ‘NintenMuppets’ of Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto – they ended up turning into the cast of Star Fox which lead to the announcement of Star Fox Zero.
In the game, the GamePad provides a cockpit view, whilst the TV screen has a more cinematic view of the action.
There are different vehicles to pilot – the Arwing, Landmaster and Gyrowing were shown. Also, vehicles can transform, which was something that was set to be introduced in the unreleased Star Fox 2.
I’m definitely looking forward to this game, and the fact that Platinum Games are involved in its development is a nice bonus.

Next, two exclusive Skylanders were revealed for Activision’s Skylanders Supercharges. They were DK and Bowser, and both function as Skylanders and amiibo – twist the base to switch between the two.
I personally don’t care for Skylanders, and I have no interest in acquiring the aforementioned amiibo, either.

Following that was a Zelda game, though with a difference. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes features 3 Links teaming up to complete dungeons. There is online co-op, though you can play single player as well. There are outfits that provide different abilities to collect, too.
We should see this game in the fourth quarter of this year. I’ll probably pick it up, since it certainly seems like an interesting thing.

As everybody already knew, Hyrule Warriors Legends is coming to 3DS. It includes all the DLC content from the Wii U game, plus new characters and stages from The Wind Waker. It is due out in the first quarter of 2016.
This is something I’ll buy again, because I really like Hyrule Warriors. I’m looking forward to using both Tetra and the King of Red Lions in battle.

This next game seems to have caused quite a stir. It’s a new game in the Metroid Prime series and people are not happy about it.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force has players control Galactic Federation troopers and take on missions together with up to 4 players.
There is also another mode called Blast Ball, which is a competitive 3 vs. 3 multiplayer mode.
We’ve only seen a trailer for the game, so it’s way too early to judge how good it is going to be. Of course, those who wanted another game starring Samus are less than happy. Still, this could end up being an interesting game in the end. Only time will tell.

My personal highlights of this Digital Event were the trailers for Fire Emblem Fates, the Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei crossover and Xenoblade Chronicles X.
For the first two, we have to wait until 2016 for their release. I think the character designs in the crossover are quite interesting, as it has put a unique spin of some well-known Fire Emblem characters.
Xenoblade Chronicles X is due out in December this year. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for 3DS and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival for Wii U followed on after that. The 3DS game is exactly as it sounds, and the Wii U game looks like it’ll be a board game that uses Animal Crossing amiibo.
I feel neutral about these games, to be honest.

Yoshi’s Woolly World is due out June 26th, and they’ve talked about it in a previous Nintendo Direct. amiibo can be used to change the design of your Yoshi, if you weren’t already aware.
I’ll be pre-ordering this soon, maybe with the Yarn Yoshi amiibo. After all, I do need something to be my game of the month for July.

Yokai Watch will be released on 3DS in 2016. I know it’s fairly popular, but again, this is one that I have neutral feelings towards.

In the next of the Mario & Luigi RPGs, the Mario & Luigi team up with… well, Mario & Luigi. Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. combines the two different Mario RPG series into one.
I like both of the Mario RPG series, so this is something I will be getting in spring 2016 when it is released.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will be released in the final quarter of this year. You can grab powerups whilst that appear on the court – the trailer showed Mega Mushrooms, which caused the characters to turn giant, naturally. Don’t know much else, might consider picking it up.

Finally, we got some more details about Super Mario Maker. Using amiibo, you can change Mario into 8-bit versions of whichever character you scan – several were showcased throughout the Digital Event. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., there will be an 8-bit Mario amiibo.
A booklet will come with the game when it’s released on the 11th September.
I’ll be getting this, as it’s pretty much a simple tool to create your own Mario levels. I’m looking forward to seeing the different levels that people around the world will create.

That’s everything. We got new Star Fox, Zelda and Metroid… yet I haven’t felt the same level of glee as previous Nintendo Directs. Whilst it is nice to have release dates revealed for games I’m really looking forward to, I feel that this Digital Event could have been a whole lot better.
I would’ve like to see more about the eShop and Virtual Console.

I reckon future Nintendo Direct presentations will prove to be more satisfying than this Digital Event, as the stuff revealed in them is tailored towards specific regions.

Still, Nintendo will always be my favourite gaming company, and I know that they will continue to provide joyous experiences.

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