Rory’s Wii U Game of June 2015

My Wii U Game of the Month for June is one that is all about claiming territory – by making a mess, naturally. The online multiplayer is the main focus of this particular game, though there is a single play campaign that pits squid against octopus.

Splatoon is what you get when Nintendo decide to tackle the shooter genre. Players take control of beings known as Inklings – these are creatures that can be in either squid or human form.
In human form, they are able to use weapons to spread ink around the map in order to try and score the most points. If they switch to squid form, they can swim through their own colour ink. This allows them to move around the map quickly.

Online battles have two teams of four compete against each other on a variety of maps. The goal of the game is generally to ink the most turf you can. New gameplay modes will be added to the game soon

Of course, there are a variety of weapons available for the Inklings to use to spread their ink everywhere. The most basic of these is the Splattershot Jr., which everyone starts out with.
As you level up through playing multiplayer matches, you can buy new weapons from the Ammo Knights weapon shop. Each weapon comes with a predetermined Sub and Special weapon. Sub and Special weapons can either be used offensively, or as support – it depends on what is in the set.

In addition to buying weapons, you can buy gear for your Inkling that grants them different abilities in battle. The three shops for your gear needs are Cooler Heads, Jelly Fresh and Shrimp Kicks – hats, clothing and shoes respectively.
Each item of gear has one predetermined ability. As you play whilst wearing the gear, you can unlock new abilities for them, though the new ability is always randomly chosen. Gear with a higher number of stars means that more abilities can be earned – one star means that you can earn one extra ability for that particular item.

On the offline side of things, the campaign, which is called Hero Mode, has you fight the Octarian forces in order to recover Zapfish. You do so under the guidance of Cap’n Cuttlefish, who designates you as Agent 3. What about Agent 1 and 2? Well, play through the campaign and you’ll see…

Splatoon also features amiibo support. There are three different Splatoon amiibo – Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy and Squid. By using the amiibo, you can tackle certain levels from the campaign using a specific weapon, dependent upon the amiibo. Completing these challenges unlocks exclusive gear, and minigames.

The game also supports local multiplayer – two players can go head-to-head in a contest to see who can pop the most balloons. One player uses the TV screen, whilst the other uses the Wii U GamePad.

Splatoon is a fun game, and it still has more to give in the near future. This one is definitely worth owning if you have a Wii U, or are considering buying one.

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I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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