A Magical Girl Tale – Final Chapter: Loss

Well, here it is. The climax of A Magical Girl Woman Tale.
I really love writing, and this was something that I enjoyed coming up with. I hope those who read it enjoyed it too.
Still, I very much write for my own amusement, so I’m not particularly concerned about what others think.

Enough of that, here’s the final chapter.

Final Chapter: Loss

Symphony and Dr. Tenebra had made their way to Seren and Kalla, right at the foot of the magical entity. It was beginning to move, albeit slowly and unsteadily. It was clearly adjusting to its colossal size and several other factors, but the doctor was aware that it wouldn’t take too long for it to begin destroying everything.

‘During your transformation sequence, you will need to will your power to take on a different shape from usual,’ Dr. Tenebra explained to Seren.

‘Wait, aren’t you going to ask her if she’s sure she wants to go through with this?’ Kalla protested.

‘The time for that has long passed,’ the doctor replied.

‘A different shape?’ Seren asked.

‘A magical girl’s energy is most potent during their transformation – that’s the reason that you are able to freely transform right in front of an enemy. This power is strong enough to warp the space-time continuum, which is why magical girls can’t be attacked whilst transforming. Usually, you would just let it flow freely, but this time you need to manipulate it. That final part is where the danger comes from; human bodies are not designed to wield such power.’

‘Right… well, this will be my last act as a magical girl, then,’ Seren said. ‘I’m ready.’

‘NO! DON’T!’ A familiar voice screamed.

‘What? It’s-‘ Before Seren could say anything more, she was embraced in a hug.

‘Seren, don’t throw your life away like this!’ Phoebe begged through her tears.

‘Phoebe?! Wait, how do you know about that…?’

‘I heard the creepy man and your girlfriend talking.’ Phoebe still had her arms wrapped around Seren.

‘Phoebe, please let go.’ Once Seren was freed from Phoebe’s embrace, she sighed. ‘If I don’t act, everyone on this planet will die. Surely it’s better to lose one life than billions?’

‘That one life is worth more than a billion to some people!’ Phoebe argued.

‘Everyone’s life is precious,’ another familiar voice said. It was Oak, who had returned upon witnessing the birth of the magical entity.

Phoebe and Oak were not the only newcomers. A large crowd had quickly gathered, many pointing cameras and phones at the magical entity.

‘The frilly-dress girl is right,’ Phoebe agreed.

‘Isn’t there some other way you can deal with this situation?’ Oak inquired.

‘We’re out of time!’ Dr. Tenebra cried.

The magical entity had fully recovered from Seren and Kalla’s earlier attack, and was launching one of its own. It brought a fist straight down into the Earth, leaving a large impact crater. The resulting blow scattered huge numbers of onlookers. Terrified screams rang out, and most of them attempted to flee. An idiotic few remained where they were, keen to capture the event and upload it to social media.

‘Hearing your words is just making this harder for me,’ Seren admitted. She glanced over and saw that several people had suffered serious injuries or even death from the magical entity’s attack. ‘I have to do this… too many have already suffered.’

Despite further protests from Kalla, Phoebe and Oak, Seren initiated her transformation sequence. As the light that transformed her clothes gathered around her, she pictured it converging into a sphere of energy in her hand. Nothing seemed to happen for a few seconds. Suddenly, the transformation halted and a ball of light hovered over Seren’s outstretched hand.

‘That ball of light is your life force,’ Dr. Tenebra explained. ‘Right now, your body is dead. It only continues to function due to the proximity of that ball of light.’

‘Huh… being dead feels a lot like being alive,’ Seren muttered. ‘Wait, could I deliver this as a close range attack?’

‘Yes, but that won’t change the end result. You need that power to explode outwards when it hits its target. Delivering a close range attack would completely incinerate your body.’

‘So I’ve got to launch it, then… but, what if-?’ The ball of light began to flicker wildly.

‘Seren, calm down!’ Dr. Tenebra cried. ‘That final power of yours is affected by negativity. If you doubt yourself, this will be a wasted effort. Clear your mind of all doubts, and launch the final attack.’

The ball of light continued to flicker. ‘Has this ever been done before?’ Seren asked.

‘I can’t answer that,’ Dr. Tenebra replied. ‘It’s far too late for doubts, anyway… there’s nothing you can do to prevent yourself from dying.’

‘There’s no guarantee of this working… I don’t want to fail and have my sister and the people of this planet destroyed… I need to know, is there-‘ Seren stopped when she felt someone grab her left hand.

‘Your hand’s cold…’ Kalla said.


‘We will make this work… together.’ Kalla initiated the first phase of the Final Purge. Her transformation energy mingled with Seren’s, and the ball of light grew in size and brightness.

‘You shouldn’t have to die as well!’

‘Seren, I can think of no greater privilege than putting my life on my line with a loved one in order to protect the peace of the universe.’

Seren was stunned into silence. Upon hearing those words, just for a moment, Seren experienced a warmth that she had never truly felt before. It was only a fleeting feeling, but it was enough to comfort her.

‘I apologise for our fracas earlier,’ Dr. Tenebra said. ‘I shall report of your valour to the ITF and persuade them to bestow special honours upon both of you.’

Symphony had nothing to say. She merely walked over to Seren and Kalla and placed her hands on their shoulders. Both Seren and Kalla could feel the warmth flowing from Symphony’s touch.

The magical entity hadn’t been still during that time. It had began to destroy everything by stamping the ground, punching it and launching powerful magical attacks. Most of the gathered onlookers had attempted to flee. Oak was able to protect a few and escape with them, but corpses were scattered across debris.

Phoebe had remained where she was. Dr. Tenebra stood next to her, having erected a barrier to help protect her. Whilst it was effective against flying debris, a direct magical attack from the entity would be disastrous.

‘This is a beautiful planet,’ Seren said.

‘I’m proud to call it my home,’ Kalla added.

‘Let’s make sure that no further harm befalls it.’

Seren and Kalla nodded to each other. Hand-in-hand, the pair of them unleashed their final attack. They screamed ‘FINAL PURGE!’ together.

The bright ball of energy sped towards the magical entity. It was pulled inside it. A moment of silence followed, which was then punctuated with a deafening explosion. At that moment, both Seren and Kalla collapsed to the ground.

An emotionless Symphony sunk to the ground with the now-lifeless duo, not relinquishing her grip on their shoulders. Phoebe rushed over to Seren, shouting her name. Dr. Tenebra, however, was more interested in the magical entity.

The entity itself was scattered. The doctor was eager to see the magical energy disperse, but that didn’t happen. Rather, it began to converge at a central point.

‘No…’ Dr. Tenebra muttered. Before he could say anything else, the magical energy imploded. All the scattered magical energy was condensed into a small space, before it exploded. The sheer force of the explosion was far beyond anything Dr. Tenebra had ever witnessed; he could feel the shock of it travelling through the air. However, it did not damage the surrounding area.

After a couple of minutes, there was complete silence. The sun shone down through a gap in the clouds created by the explosion, and Dr. Tenebra was able to confirm the destruction of the magical entity.

Though the threat to Earth had been eliminated, the doctor knew that there would be similar situations in the future. Of course, none of the planets the ITF were monitoring were due to go through the same events as Earth, so he was confident that he could develop something that would prevent magical girls from having to sacrifice themselves.

‘Seren!’ Phoebe sobbed. ‘Seren! Wake up!’

‘I’m sorry for your loss,’ Dr. Tenebra said. ‘Symphony, we need to return to ITF HQ.’

‘No,’ Symphony refused.

‘You should consider your situation- wait, are you using healing magic on those two?’

‘I’m not letting them die like this.’

‘Are you saying you can save them?’ a tearful Phoebe asked.

‘Regrettably, it is far beyond her power,’ Dr. Tenebra answered.

‘No it’s not!’ Symphony protested. ‘Those tomes I read… several of them had methods for bringing back the dead!’

‘I think I know what tome you’re talking about… the magic detailed in that isn’t exactly what you think it is. If you are able to use that magic, you will quickly come to regret it. They won’t be the same people…’

‘It’s not just that! Seren proved something when she was a magical girl… she believed that magical girls should fly, and she flew! She believed that they should use incredibly powerful attacks, and she used incredibly powerful attacks! She believed they should never back down, and she didn’t back down!’

‘Are you implying that belief will be enough to save them?’

‘I’m not implying! I know that it will be enough!’

‘As a scientist, I would normally dismiss that claim… but I have witnessed the power of her belief… I shall try helping, as well.’

‘Dr. Tenebra? Really? Thank you!’

Phoebe just watched as Dr. Tenebra hunched over the lifeless bodies of Seren and Kalla. He closed his eyes and focused on gathering all his power to heal them.

Hours passed as both Symphony and Dr. Tenebra focused all their energy on trying to bring Seren and Kalla back. Phoebe could do nothing but watch, yet she remained with them regardless.

‘Symphony, I think we’ve done all we can,’ Dr. Tenebra said.

‘Don’t say that!’ Symphony snapped.

‘At this point, we’re just pointlessly exhausting ourselves…’

‘Don’t you dare give up!’

‘I agree with her,’ Phoebe added. ‘Symphony will bring them back, I believe in her!’

‘Belief, huh? I proudly identify myself as a scientist, but I have seen that belief can be a powerful agent indeed… in this case, though, it may be too little, too late.’

A few moments of silence fell. During that time, something caught Phoebe’s eye. As she glanced down, she realised that Seren’s finger was twitching.

‘Seren!’ Phoebe cried.

Phoebe’s outburst gained Dr. Tenebra’s attention. When he saw the slight movement, he immediately redoubled his efforts.

A few minutes after that, both Seren and Kalla opened their eyes. The pair of them were both breathing normally. Seren unsteadily pulled herself up into a sitting position and tried to recall what had just happened. It took a few more moments for realisation to hit her.

‘…oh. Oh! I… well, I’m better now, I guess,’ Seren muttered. ‘Symphony, doctor, thank you. I’m glad you were here, otherwise Kalla and I would still be…’

‘Seren, I’m so happy!’ Phoebe cried, embracing her sister in a tight embrace as she wept tears of joy.

‘I’ll die again!’ Seren cried. ‘I can’t breathe!’

Symphony’s emotionless state had completely faded, and she too was crying out of joy.

After Phoebe had let go of Seren, the latter noticed that Kalla was still on the ground. ‘Here, Kalla, get up.’ Seren extended her hand.

Kalla shook her head. ‘I can’t.’

‘What? Why?’

‘This is how I was before I became a magical girl… I was stuck in a wheelchair, due to my legs being paralysed. I had been that way since birth… it was a condition that isolated me from other people. When a familiar appeared before me and told me that I’d be able to walk again if I accepted their power, I was elated.’

‘Why didn’t you tell me this before?’ Seren asked.

‘I had sworn to forget about my past. Being able to walk for the first time is one of my fondest memories… everything before that was nothing more than a nightmare.’

‘I could easily cure your paralysis,’ Dr. Tenebra offered.

‘It’s a kind offer, but I must refuse.’

‘Kalla! Are you sure?’ Seren inquired.

‘Hm. I want to prove to myself that I can live this way… I ran away from it before. If you would permit me to be a little selfish, I would like to live together with you, Seren.’ Kalla’s expression had become a bashful one; there was no way that Seren could refuse that blushing face.

‘Still as popular with the ladies as ever, eh?’ Phoebe interrupted.

‘At least somebody loves me,’ Seren retorted.

‘Ouch… well, I’ll guess I’ll let you have that one, considering what you just went through… Anyway, what’s your answer?’

‘Well, she only ended up this way because of me-‘

‘No!’ Kalla interrupted. ‘I freely chose this path. I knew the risks, yet I went through with it anyway.’

‘Well, I’m always going to feel some responsibility for this… still, I would very much to have you live together with me, Kalla.’

Kalla couldn’t contain her joy, and she too started to weep inelegantly.

‘Sorry to interrupt this touching scene, but there is supposed to be a trial happening right now,’ Dr. Tenebra stated.

‘All that, and you want us to go back to the HQ?’ Seren asked.

Kalla wiped her tears away and took a moment to compose herself. ‘Seren told me that she saw another Dr. Tenebra…’

‘Oh… er, yeah, about that…’

‘Did you rig the trial?’

‘It was all part of a plan to fulfil Sonata’s wish… I swear!’

‘Doctor… was Sonata someone special to you?’ Symphony asked.

‘What? She was just another student, that’s all!’ The doctor hastily replied, his face become redder with each passing moment.

‘She would have never gone for someone like you, just so you know.’

Dr. Tenebra cleared his throat. ‘I shall return to the ITF HQ alone. It is unfortunate, but I must report to them the loss of the familiar Symphony Carbo, and the magical girls Kalla Aura and Seren Lux. All three fought valiantly, and it was their sacrifices that prevented a catastrophe from happening…’


‘Well, that’s how my report is going to go. You three… you are now all free to live your lives however you see fit. Oh, and rest assured; I will have developed the technology to prevent events like this from ever occurring again long before Earth’s magical field goes out of control again.’

With those final words, Dr. Tenebra vanished from sight.

‘Let’s go home, then,’ Seren said.

‘Er.. what about all the dead and damage?’ Kalla asked.

‘Let’s go home, quickly.’

As sirens sounded in the distance, Seren lifted Kalla. Kalla protested quite a bit at first, but she quickly quietened down when her face was mere inches from Seren’s. Together with Phoebe and Symphony, they all made their way back to Seren’s house.

Fortunately for them, Dr. Tenebra had arranged damage control relating to the incident. It was attributed to a gas explosion, and all evidence of magical girls was tracked down and deleted from the internet. It was also explained that the gas caused a mass hallucination. Of course, there were a few who knew the truth of the incident, but the damage control allowed them to readjust to their lives.

After the course of several weeks, Kalla had officially moved into Seren’s house. A stairlift was fitted for Kalla’s benefit, and the bathroom had to be redone so Kalla would be able to use it. She offered profuse apologies about causing such drastic changes to Seren’s house, but Seren was not particularly fussed. She was just happy to be able to live together with Seren.

Kalla wasn’t the only new addition to the household. Seren had always wanted to own a pet cat, and now Symphony had made that dream of hers come true. Of course, this pet cat was slightly different from normal, but Seren loved her all the same.

Every morning, Seren would wake up with Kalla beside her in bed, and Symphony curled up on the duvet. Though she hadn’t been too keen on being a magical girl, Seren definitely knew that some incredibly good things had come out of it.


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