A Magical Girl Tale – Chapter Twelve: A Final Option

Seren’s tale continues, and moves towards the climax. The end is in sight, though you’ll have to wait a little while before that happens.

Anyways, time for some chattering. I have something coming up that affects how often I can access my blog, and other forms of online entertainment, though that probably won’t affect how or when I post things. I might make a more detailed post about it in the near future, once I know all the details.

There is now less than a month until the London MCM Comic Con, an event which I am very much looking forward to attending. It seems to grow in size every year, resulting in it now being 3 full days rather than two. Once again, that’s something I shall make a post about in the near future.

Right, that’s enough of that. Here’s the penultimate chapter of Seren’s story.

Chapter Twelve: A Final Option

‘I thought beating you would save the Earth? What’s going on?’ Seren asked.

No, defeating me has resulted in you allowing everything to be destroyed,’ Dr. Tenebra replied.

‘What is that?’ Kalla inquired, looking up at the magical energy assuming a humanoid shape that easily towered over the tallest buildings of Earth.

‘Since there’s nothing that can be done to stop it, I might as well explain what exactly it is that will kill you,’ Dr. Tenebra offered. ‘You see, this planet, Earth, possesses extremely strong magical energy. It seems that the people and animals who inhabit this place haven’t the faintest idea, though the few who do seem to use it for mere card tricks and the such.’

‘Wait, do you mean magicians?’ Seren asked.

‘That’s irrelevant at the moment!’ Kalla snapped.

Dr. Tenebra cleared his throat, and then continued his exposition. ‘Back when the organisation I’m with was known as the SMS, we stumbled across this planet just sitting here unassumingly. Our instruments went haywire when we tried to get a reading of the magical field of this planet, which naturally meant us more curious types wanted to investigate.

‘That’s how we came to discover the huge potential Earth has for creating magical girls. I had to do some extra research, but eventually I was able to create a device that channelled the magic energy through a girl’s body – those are the weapons that you girls use in regular combat.

‘Anyway, the magical field of the Earth turned out to be a double-edged sword. Whilst the Earthborn magical girls were amongst the most powerful, so too were the threats that originated from this planet. As a precaution, I began work on a device that would nullify the Earth’s magic field. Of course, this required a few Earthborn magical girls to lend their assistance.’

‘I’m not sure I like where this is going,’ Seren said.

‘It turned out that having a magical girl’s power nullified would kill them. This was another disadvantage that Earthborn magical girls had – their life force and magical powers were one and the same. It’s the same for you and Kalla.’

‘Wait, wait! What about the handcuffs Kalla put me in before?’ Seren inquired.

‘Those handcuffs were designed to prevent the magic from escaping your body. They didn’t remove your powers, merely prevented you from using them.’

‘OK then… couldn’t you use similar technology for Earth?’

Dr. Tenebra put his hand to his face and sighed. ‘Have you ever tried to handcuff an entire planet? Earth’s magical field is different from a human’s, too.’

‘You didn’t just spring this on those innocent magical girls, did you?’ Kalla was almost afraid to hear the doctor’s answer.

‘Of course not! I informed them of the risks they would be taking. Those who decided to volunteer knew that death was a possibility, and they died believing their sacrifices would ensure the peace of the universe.’

‘It doesn’t look like your research worked,’ Seren said, pointing at the ever-growing magical entity.

‘Time was not on my side. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse long before I could ever come up with a solution that wouldn’t involve destroying the planet. That’s what I was setting up shortly before you and your frilly pink friend intervened.’

‘Actually, I think I remember hearing about something like this situation during my early days in the ITF.’ Kalla frowned as she tried to recall what exactly it was she had heard. ‘I think I heard someone mention a magical field of a planet that had been left unchecked… I don’t know the details, but the ITF lost more than half its entire forces just trying to subdue the out-of-control magic.’

‘I remember that incident well,’ Dr. Tenebra revealed. ‘I lost a lot of good friends that day… I swore I’d do whatever to prevent it from happening again, but it seems my oath has been broken.’

‘Well, there’s only one thing that remains to be done,’ Seren stated.

‘There’s nothing that can be done…’

Seren transformed into her magical girl state once more, much to the surprise of Dr. Tenebra. She pointed up at the magical entity. ‘I’m going to stop that.’

Silence filled the air as Kalla and Dr. Tenebra processed what Seren had just said. After a few minutes, all the pair had to say was a very flat ‘what.’

‘I’m not just going to sit here and do nothing! This thing is going to cause a lot of death and destruction if left unchecked, right?’

‘You are certifiably insane,’ Dr. Tenebra said.

‘I hate to admit it, but the doctor is right,’ Kalla agreed.

‘Whatever, just sit there and wallow in misery! I’m going down fighting!’ Seren’s wings of magical energy formed at her back, and she took to the air heading straight towards her final battle.

‘Seren, dammit!’ Kalla cried, taking to the air as well.

‘They should just accept that this is the end,’ Dr. Tenebra muttered. ‘I doubt neither science nor faith can do anything to change that.’

‘Kalla, are you fighting too?’ Seren asked, having noticed that she was being followed.

‘I can’t just leave you to handle this alone! I don’t know what we can do, but…’

‘I have an idea! Can you feel all that magic in the atmosphere?’

‘Huh? Yeah, so…?’

‘You know that spell I beat you with?’

‘I’d rather not recall that, thanks…’

‘We’re going to cast it together!’

‘Right! …er… how?’

‘Just concentrate on the magic in the atmosphere, and bring it together! I’ll let you know when to discharge it!’

‘OK then…’

As Seren and Kalla continued to ascend, they focused on gathering what magic power they could. Since everything was being pulled towards the magical entity, this proved to be extremely easy.

‘Nngh! Seren, I can’t handle this much magic!’ Kalla cried.

‘Just a bit longer!’ Seren insisted. ‘This needs to be extremely powerful!’

Just as Kalla felt that all the magic she had gathered was going to explode, Seren flew alongside her and gave the command to discharge it. Both girls pointed their staves towards the magical entity and let loose.

‘LIGHTBREAK SUPERNOVA!’ Seren and Kalla screamed together. A single beam of light emanated from their staves, harmlessly piercing the magical entity. The blast of magical energy that followed was beyond anything that Seren, Kalla, or even Dr. Tenebra had ever witnessed. The force of the attack sent Seren and Kalla backwards over several miles. As for their target, a huge hole had been ripped open in the magical entity.

‘Holy sh-‘ Dr. Tenebra started to say, but he was immediately cut off by a deafening roar. He watched in terror as the magical entity seemed to react in pain to the attack, before it began to reform.

It was in a completely unscathed state by the time Seren and Kalla were able to fly back.

‘Now what?’ Kalla asked.

‘I don’t know…’ Seren replied.

Back on the ground, Symphony had recovered enough to follow after Seren and Kalla. She cautiously approached Dr. Tenebra.

‘What’s happening?’ Symphony asked.

‘Hmm? Oh, it’s you… well, it’s pretty much as you see.’

‘Are Seren and Kalla fighting that thing?! There’s no way they’ll be able to win!’

‘Going by the sheer destructive power I witnessed just now, they might have one final option open to them.’

‘What you you mean by “final”?’

‘You mean you don’t know, despite being a familiar?’

‘A lot has happened!’

‘Sorry, sorry. Anyway, I shall tell you what it is, but you’re not going to like it. Oh, and it would probably be for the best if you tell them about it.’

‘All right.’

Seren, Kalla, can you hear me?

‘Huh? Symphony?’ Seren asked. Both she and Kalla were still in mid-air, facing the steadily reforming magical entity.

‘She’s using telepathy,’ Kalla explained.

‘I know, this isn’t the first time she’s done that. Symphony, what do you want?’

There may be a way to defeat the foe that stands before you. This is only a last resort, and will result in you losing all of your powers as a magical girl.

‘Wait, there’s a way to get rid of these powers? I don’t care what it is, count me in!’ Seren insisted.

‘You might want to reconsider,’ Kalla suggested. ‘A magical girl’s power is tied directly to her life force.’

Seren was silent for a few moments as she processed Kalla’s words. ‘…oh.’

If you have some other method of winning this battle, now would be a good time to share it.

‘Kalla and I are the only ones who can do this, right?’ Seren asked.

‘Seren, what are you saying? You’re not seriously going to…’

Seren took a deep breath. ‘Kalla, you and I are the only ones with the power to prevent the destruction of the Earth. I don’t want to die, but there’s no other way.’

‘Seren, I’m not going to let you do that. We can just abandon-‘

‘No! Besides, that thing won’t stop after the Earth is gone. We can’t run from it!’

‘But sacrificing yourself is too much! Seren, I’ve become fond of you…’

‘Please don’t make this harder than it has to be… Kalla, I’ve resolved to go through with this.’

‘Seren, please don’t…’

‘Kalla, I’ll need your power as well. Please, can you do this with me?’

‘Seren, do you realise what you’re asking?! There’s no way I could throw my life away just like that!’

‘It won’t be a meaningless act, though! Besides, I reckon we can prove Symphony wrong and come out of this completely unscathed.’

‘You’ve become delusional, Seren! Even if we do manage to survive, we won’t have our powers any more! You may be fine going back to being a normal human, but gaining the powers of a magical girl was the best thing that ever happened to me. I couldn’t bare it if I had to return to the way I was before…’

‘Well, I had to try asking. I wish I could have heard the reason for your denial, but time is running short. Could you do me a favour and talk to my family after this? Tell them that I love them, and said farewell.’


So you’ve made your decision? Symphony asked through telepathy.

‘Yes. Just tell me what I need to do.’

Seren, you’ll need to return to your normal form. After that, you’ll need to transform. It is then during the transformation sequence that things get slightly more complicated.

‘Right.’ Seren returned to the ground and undid her transformation. Kalla landed beside her, though she remained in her magical girl form.

‘Seren, is there nothing I can say to stop you from doing this?’ Kalla asked.

‘Sorry, Kalla. Symphony, I’m ready to carry this out.’

Listen carefully, and I’ll explain how to initiate the Final Purge.

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