A Magical Girl Tale – Chapter Nine: Clash!

It feels like it’s been quite a while since I posted a new chapter for this due to writing reviews, the Nintendo Direct and the start of a new anime season. Turns out it has only been a week… huh.

Anyway, I will have a post up soon with first impressions on the shows I’m watching this season (the list of which has expanded from my post about it). Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid has already presented a strong case for being my favourite show of this season, but that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.

On the Pretty Cure front, I have finished watching Suite PreCure♪ and made a start on Smile PreCure!. Suite wasn’t too bad, but HeartCatch is my favourite series at the moment. There’s the possibility that that could change, but I won’t know for sure until I’ve watched the other series.

Anyway, new chapter… I had a lot of fun writing this one. Enjoy.

Chapter Nine: Clash!

Kalla unleashed a barrage of magical attacks towards Seren, in an attempt to overwhelm her. Seren pushed forward, weaving in and out of the attacks. A few were too accurate for her to dodge, so she countered by summoning up her own magical barrier. Seren’s progress forward was slowed, but she remained determined to close the gap between herself and Kalla.

By manipulating her magic, Kalla was able to make her shots curve around Seren’s barrier. A couple of shots found their mark, but Seren refused to back down. Instead, she shifted her staff into the gloves and boots form she had used before. Using the kick from her boots, Seren was able to get right behind Kalla. She immediately unleashed a punch that was charged with magical energy.

Kalla had been barely able to turn around in time, though she did shroud herself in a barrier spell as a precaution. It was quite a powerful one, but Seren was still able to shatter it. Kalla was impressed at Seren’s strength, though she was too focused to let her know that. Seizing the opportunity, Kalla blasted her across the room. She followed after her opponent, preparing to unleash a brutal beatdown.

Whilst flying backwards, Seren managed to have her staff return to its normal form. She slammed it into the ground, forcing herself to come to a stop. Kalla flew right over her, only barely reacting in time to spin around in mid-air and spring off of the wall. She was determined to get close to Seren again, so she gave herself a boost using her magic. Seren prepared to intercept her.

Unbeknownst to the pair of them, several ITF agents had arrived. They had been given orders to contain the combatants and minimise the damage. However, the ferocity of the two magical girls was something that they had not expected.

‘We can’t get close to that!’ one of the agents exclaimed as they watched Seren and Kalla exchange blows.

‘We’ll have to go with plan B,’ another one suggested.

‘Right! Everyone, get into your positions, quickly!’

The agents surrounded Seren and Kalla, making sure to avoid any stray shots. Together, they used a wide-area teleportation. All living things within the diameter of the magic circle were transported to the nearest planet – in this case, it was Earth.

If it wasn’t for Seren’s teleportation sickness, she would have never noticed that their surroundings had completely changed. Kalla only saw Seren’s hesitation, so she immediately took advantage of the situation to fire a bolt of magical energy at her.

With the incoming attack, Seren pushed her sickness to the back of her mind as best she could. She was barely able to summon a barrier in time, and even then it shattered almost instantly.

‘Seren!’ Symphony cried out. She had remained in the courtroom, hence her being present to witness the battle between the magical girls.

Kalla soon realised that they had been teleported back to Earth. She decided to take advantage of the open space, and took to the air. She was confident in her victory, as flying was a technique that only experienced magical girls could pull off. With Seren stuck on the groud, Kalla unleashed a rain of magic.

Magic crashed all around Seren like bolts of lightning, throwing up dust clouds. With that attack, Kalla breathed a sigh of relief. However, before she could descend to arrest Seren once more, she was attacked from behind.

Seren had taken to the air too. A pair of wings formed from magical energy had appeared on her back.

‘I’m impressed,’ Kalla said. ‘It seems I was mistaken in holding back. You’re no ordinary rookie.’ With those words, Kalla’s outfit changed. She lost her cape, and her dress took on a much more revealing form. The added benefit of the lighter armour was a major increase in speed. She seemed to disappear from Seren’s sight for an instant, only reappearing right before her to deliver a supersonic punch.

Seren barely reacted in time, creating several layers of barriers. Since they had been last-second things, the barriers were extremely weak. However, the sheer number of them lessened the impact of Kalla’s punch. Regardless, the attack was a heavy blow that knocked Seren back. Another countermeasure Seren had in place triggered several beams of magic to burst forth when Kalla made contact. However, Kalla was easily able to evade them due to her speed.

Once she had successfully dodged Seren’s attack, Kalla realised that she had stopped focusing her attention on her foe for just a moment. She suddenly found herself trapped by a binding spell, with Seren above her.

‘Blessed Blaster!’ Seren cried, aiming her staff at Kalla.

Despite having her arms bound, Kalla was able to produce was a reflective spell. Seren’s Blessed Blaster bounced off of it, returning back towards Seren. Whilst Seren was occupied with evading the reflected attack, Kalla summoned forth her might to break out of the binding spell. When she was free, Kalla followed straight after the Blessed Blaster. She got close enough to deliver a point-blank blast of magic. Seren couldn’t react in time, so she received the full brunt of the attack.

Kalla’s power was overwhelming. Seren started falling towards Earth.

‘Seren!’ Symphony cried from the ground. She had started running in the direction she was falling.

As Seren fell, she realised that there was a lot of magic in the atmosphere. The ferocious battle between herself and Kalla had produced most of it, and an idea started to form in the back of her mind.

Kalla realised that Seren still wasn’t defeated, so she descended as well. When she was level with her opponent, Kalla attempted to deliver several punches against her foe. However, Seren was determined to win, so she fought back. The two girls fought in free-fall.

Mere millimetres from the ground, Seren and Kalla stopped their ascent to move horizontally across the ground. They continued to pummel each other, flying straight past Symphony.

‘Wow… such power…’ Symphony muttered.

After covering several hundred metres, Seren and Kalla put some distance between each other. Their close-range duel quickly became a ranged one, with beams of magic flying between the pair of them. Since they were both flying, Seren and Kalla were weaving in and out of the attacks whilst firing their own.

Whilst evading Kalla’s attack, the idea that Seren had started to form became fully fleshed out. She ceased her ranged attack, and instead produced several multi-layered barriers. However, she wasn’t protecting herself with them, but entrapping Kalla.

Whilst Kalla had her hands full smashing the barriers, Seren focused on all the magic lingering in the air. She willed it to gather together. Taking on a bright white form, the magic all converged at the tip of Seren’s staff. As the gathered magic grew larger, the light that shone from it became more and more intense.

At the very instant Kalla smashed the final barrier, Seren unleashed the gathered magic. In the heat of the moment, she found herself screaming ‘Lightbreak Supernova!’.

A single beam burst forth from the gathered magic, harmlessly passing through Kalla. The energy that followed it, however, was far more harmful. There was nothing Kalla could do to avoid it, and it easily smashed through any defences she could put up. She took the full force of the attack.

Seren had been quite unfortunate too. The recoil from the blast threw her into the ground, where she created a large impact crater.

The Lightbreak Supernova remained present for a few seconds, before finally dissipating. Having been freed from Seren’s ultimate attack, Kalla fell to the ground. She had completely lost consciousness and reverted back to her normal form.

Seren spent the last of her magical power to slow Kalla’s descent toward the ground. Once Kalla was safely back to Earth, Seren also returned to her normal form.

‘That was incredible!’ Symphony cried, rushing over to where the two of them were.

‘No it wasn’t!’ Seren objected. ‘Both Kalla and I need our full strength to stop Dr. Tenebra! If only she had listened to me in the first place…’

Symphony remained quiet for a few moments. When she spoke, there was strong uncertainty in her voice. ‘I-I could heal you… maybe…’

‘Didn’t Dr. Tenebra say that you weren’t too good with magic…?’

‘Things have changed… come on, you know for a fact that I’m perfectly capable of handling magic now.’

‘You’ve got me there. All right, Symphony, I’ll accept your help. At the moment, the three of us gathered here are the only ones that know the impending danger set to strike the Earth. We’ll need all the power we can get to stop my home from being destroyed.’

Symphony knelt down beside the unconscious Kalla and placed her hands over her. She remained in that position for a few minutes. ‘…sorry. I can’t do it.’

‘What? Why not?!’


‘Symphony, we need your power! If you don’t-‘

Seren was suddenly interrupted by a high-pitched voice. ‘Ah! I knew I felt strong magical power nearby! It’s you two!’

‘What?’ Seren turned around to see that the source of the voice was a floating teddy bear. She vaguely recalled that it had been the companion to the frilly pink magical girl she and Symphony had seen before Symphony had been arrested.

‘Please! You need to help Oak! She’s battling a foe who is incredibly powerful!’

During this, Kalla had started to regain consciousness. ‘Why is there a floating, talking teddy?!’

‘Kalla! You’re awake!’ Seren exclaimed.

‘The last thing I remember… oh. Well played, Seren. Now, what exactly was the reason for our fight?’

‘My home is in trouble!’

‘Surely you can defend your house-‘

‘My home planet! Dr. Tenebra is the one who’s responsible!’

‘We can’t do anything… it looks like we both exhausted our power fighting each other…’

‘Can you two stop arguing?’ the floating teddy yelled. ‘I’m not sure how much longer Oak can hold on! The enemy she’s fighting wasn’t even supposed to be one of hers! She was only trying to collect-‘

‘That’s irrelevant! I’m going to help her!’ Seren declared.

‘Seren, you can’t go! Facing a foe like Dr. Tenebra without any magic… that’s foolish!’

‘So I’ll be a fool then! Kalla, my entire home is on the line here!’

‘Symphony, you can do magic, right?’ Kalla asked the familiar.

‘Y-yeah… but…’

‘Symphony, please! You’re our only hope!’

Symphony took a deep breath. ‘This may not be the best time for it, but… I’m going to tell what happened on that day fifteen years ago. I never want to experience events like those again in my life.’

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