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Rory’s 3DS Game of March 2015

For this month, we cast our eyes over the Nintendo eShop for my 3DS Game of the Month for March. In practically every RPG, you can find at least one bar. This specific game focuses on two sisters, Siela and … Continue reading

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Rory’s Reviews: Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection (also known as KanColle) is a twelve-episode action anime series based on the free-to-play web browser game of the same name that was developed by Kadokawa Games. The anime itself was created by Diomedéa.

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A Magical Girl Tale – Chapter Seven: ITF HQ

It must be around that time again, huh? Yeah, here’s chapter seven of Seren’s tale. But first, pointless chatter. Man, I’ve been playing a lot of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate lately. It’s kind of tough to come up with a … Continue reading

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Spring 2015 Anime: What I Will Be Watching

Ah, I guess it must be that time again. One season of anime is winding down, which means a new one will be along to take its place. Naturally, this also means that I will be going over which new … Continue reading

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Rory’s Wii U Game of March 2015

This month, the game I am featuring as my Wii U Game of the Month for 2015 is a Virtual Console title. This is a GBA title, though more specifically it is an enhanced remake of a NES game. This … Continue reading

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Chaos Dragon Anime Information

Now, here’s something that has caught my interest. An anime called Chaos Dragon is due to air in the summer season, and the whole reason for its existence plus some of the names attached to it have really intrigued me. … Continue reading

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A Magical Girl Tale – Chapter Six: Karaoke

Chapter six of this tale, which includes the return of Seren’s sister, Phoebe. Actually, she’s pretty much the reason for the title of this chapter. With the announcement of Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX, this year of anime has become better. … Continue reading

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