Rory’s Reviews: Log Horizon Season 2

Log Horizon Season 2
Review of the first season can be found here.
The second season of Log Horizon continues adapting the light novels written by Mamare Touno and illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara. There are 25 episodes and it was produced by Studio Deen.

A quick recap – players of the MMORPG Elder Tale were somehow pulled into the game world, in an event they labelled the “Apocalypse”. The first season shows how the Adventurers adjusted to their new world, whilst proving that People of the Land (or NPCs) actually had their own lives and personalities.

The first half of the season has two plots: Shiroe teaming up with the Silver Sword guild to solve the Round Table’s financial crisis, and a murderer loose on the streets of Akihabara.
Both of these plots prove to be difficult challenges for those involved to overcome, and we get a proper glimpse of what exactly happens when an adventurer dies in Elder Tale.
Also, raid battles occur in both – large scale fights involving multiple allies against a single boss (or three). This brings some rather great fight scenes, in addition to character development.

William Massachusetts, guild master of Silver Sword, reveals that he had trouble befriending people in real life. It was through Elder Tale that he gained friends, and it was for that reason he became a guild master. He gives a particularly rousing speech when their situation seems dire – not bad for someone who walked out of the formation of the Round Table Alliance in season one.

Akatsuki also receives some character development, through forming a friendship with Princess Lenessia, and opening up to her allies. That last part is a key point, as Akatsuki and the “Maidens of Watermaple” tackle their own raid battle to deal with the problem plaguing Akihabara.
Their enemy came about as a result of the flavour text of a sword coming true, a point that affects Crusty. He is barely mentioned again throughout the season, until the last episode.

One of the episodes in the middle of the series focuses on the former leader of the Debauchery Tea Party, Kanami. She has gained some rather interesting allies, and the episode itself is a reference to Journey to the West. It’s nice getting to know more about the person Shiroe looked up during his time in the Debauchery Tea Party, though she saves the biggest surprise about herself until the final episode.

The focus then switches to the key younger members of the cast – Minori, Tohya, Isuzu, Rudy and Serara. Their adventure to acquire the materials for a magic bag provides them with some interesting development.
We learn more about Isuzu’s past in the real world, and her motivation for playing music. Rudy’s relationship with her improves, and he is clearly more aware of things then he seems.
Tohya’s receives development through his encounters with Dariella and the Odyssey Knights. For the former, Tohya is aware that something is suspicious about her.
The Odyssey Knights are a guild who are convinced that the only way to return to their world is by constantly dying, which greatly irks Tohya.

The final part of the season deals with monsters known as “Geniuses”, and presents a choice that makes even Shiroe hesitate – return to the real world, or remain in Elder Tale.
It also seems that things weren’t as simple as “being warped into the game world”.
Things culminate in one final raid battle, with the entirety of the Log Horizon guild fighting alongside several other characters.

New characters introduced in this season are also colourful characters. First is Tetra, who considers herself an idol and practically clings to Naotsugu. She has a female appearance, but well…
Next is Roe 2, who is pretty much a female version of Shiroe. The reason behind her existence is revealed later on in the season, which is connected to the way in which the Adventurers could return to the real world.

The soundtrack continues to be impressive, and the it always manages to match the mood of the scene. Not bad for a world where there are only forty-two songs.

Score: 10/10
With more action scenes than the first season, great character development and world-building that arises from the mechanics of a MMORPG, the second season of Log Horizon is a real treat.

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