Rory’s 3DS Game of March 2015

For this month, we cast our eyes over the Nintendo eShop for my 3DS Game of the Month for March. In practically every RPG, you can find at least one bar. This specific game focuses on two sisters, Siela and Kamerina, who manage one of these bars.

The story of Adventure Bar Story starts when the bar run by Siela and Kamerina faces a hostile takeover by a man named Gustav. In order to prevent him putting them out of business, Siela and Kamerina work together in order to make their bar popular.

Siela does this by collecting ingredients to make loads of different dishes. Ingredients can be bought from the local shop, but they can also be found for free in dungeons.
Naturally, dungeons are full of monsters, which is where the RPG parts of this game come into play. Players can form parties of 3 characters.
However, monsters do not provide experience points for levelling up. Instead, eating the meals that Siela cooks gives the characters EXP. Monsters do provide ‘EP’, however – points that allow the characters to learn more skills as they gain them.

Of course, you can’t just eat all of the dishes you create. Since you’re running a bar, you have to put some on the menu in order to sell to customers.
You can expand the number of dishes you can make by finding recipes hidden throughout the game, with over 400 available. You don’t necessarily have to have a recipe to create a dish, though knowing what ingredients and tools to use does help.

You are able to raise the bar’s rank via sales and the cooking contest regularly held in the castle. As the bar’s rank increases, the story advances and new towns and dungeons become available to visit.

There are multiple party members who can join Siela on her expeditions into the dungeons. The first is Fred, who runs the shop next to the bar. Creating certain dishes can also gain you allies, as demonstrated by the magic-user Alfine. She is rather fond of desserts, and can smell a good one from a mile away.

Adventure Bar Story provides a fun mix of RPG and simulation, with plenty of recipes to seek out and create in order to satisfy potential customers.

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