A Magical Girl Tale – Chapter Five: A Third Magical Girl?!

Seren’s story continues, and this chapter has a few references to things in it. Are they important to the plot? Maybe…
As you can see from the title, this chapter features a third magical girl, simply because I wanted a Pretty Cure homage in there. Of course, this character will have some importance to the plot later one, but I haven’t planned far enough ahead to decide what that will be yet.

On an unrelated note, I was one of fifty people in Europe to pre-order the early-bird edition of Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson, which Marvelous Games are hoping to release in August.
Talking of games, the fact we are now in March means that I will be featuring two new Games of the Month for 3DS and Wii U respectively. For the Wii U, I’m thinking of featuring a Virtual Console title, or a prequel of an eShop game.
As for the 3DS, I’m unsure. It’ll probably be something from the eShop, though there are a few games that were released in the past that I could feature.

All right, enough chatter. Here’s the fifth chapter of this thing I’m writing.

Chapter Five: A Third Magical Girl?!

Seren and Symphony had returned to Seren’s home after getting some shopping in. Symphony was still lamenting her lack of strength, which only served to annoy Seren during their walk around the supermarket and back home.

‘Symphony, please cheer up,’ Seren requested. ‘Everything worked out in the end.’

No, it didn’t,’ Symphony objected. ‘If that was true, you wouldn’t have needed to do anything.’

‘It’s finished now, though.’

‘Yeah, that one incident. Who knows when the next artefact will surface?’

‘Symphony, why not try distracting yourself for a little while? I’ve got a few multiplayer games we can play whilst listening to some rock music.’


‘When I’m feeling down… or bored… or happy… or just whenever, I suppose, I’ll load up a game and just lose myself in it. I’ve been hunting a lot of monsters lately, but it will make a change to play with somebody else in the room.’

‘When you say “hunting monsters”, are you talking about as a magical girl, or in these games of yours?’

‘Ha, both now I think about it. No wyverns in this reality, yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they cropped up down the line… Anyway, how about some racing? I’ve always got a fighting game if you’d prefer that.’

‘I don’t know… you pick.’

‘All right, fine. Follow me.’

Seren took Symphony to her games room, where she had a large television with several games consoles plugged into it. She also booted up the computer in the same room and set it up to blast out her favourite songs.

It didn’t take long for Symphony to find herself fully immersed in the game. She had grown particularly fond of swearing whenever someone passed her during the racing game. Gaining first place filled Symphony with excitement, but that was short-lived.

‘Why did I explode?’ Symphony cried as she watched the other races zoom past her on the screen.

‘That would be the dreaded spiny shell. Still, you might be able to claw your way back to second place from there.’

‘Second? Ha, I’m shooting for first! I can’t allow myself to lose to you, Seren!’

‘Bring it on.’

Much merriment was spent playing the kart racing game, which Seren was glad to see. Symphony had completely forgotten her woes. After that had had their fill of racing, Seren loaded up the fighting game she mentioned earlier.

‘Controls are simple. A and B are regular and special attacks respectively, X and Y are for jumping and you can shield with the shoulder buttons. Hold a shoulder button and press A to grab an opponent – got all that?’ Seren explained.

‘Aye. I’m guessing you move with this stick, right?’

‘At least you were able to figure that out on your own. Anyway, ready?’

‘I think so… wait, who should I choose? There’s so many characters!’

‘Choose whoever. We’re doing a few team battles so you can get used to it, then you’ll be fighting me.’

‘All right…’

Both Seren and Symphony thoroughly enjoyed kicking the seven shades of mucky stuff out of some of gaming’s most popular characters. When it was time for Symphony to take on Seren, Symphony quickly came to realise just how outmatched she was.

‘Seren, if you make your character say “I’m really feeling it” one more time, I am going to shove this controller where the sun doesn’t shine,’ Symphony growled.

‘What? You mean… like this?’ Seren pressed the taunt button.

‘Argh! Dammit!’ Symphony got a sudden burst of energy, and she was able to claim a victory over Seren. ‘Yes! I love you, yellow electric thing! Not so great now, are you!’

‘You’re quite a sore winner, aren’t you? It’s only a game…’

‘Come on, I earned that! At least allow me a little celebration.’

‘Fine… ugh… dammit.’ Seren switched her music off. ‘It seems that another magical artefact has surfaced.’

‘Oh, making excuses now?’

‘I could still beat you even with a migraine… however, leaving the artefact unchecked is unwise. Let’s go take care of it before anyone gets hurt.’

Roughly a mile away from Seren’s house, there was a moor. A canal ran alongside it, with a river that flowed into the town centre. A few trees were scattered here and there, and a cricket club was located nearby.

Causing havoc on the moor was a giant cricket bat which had grown arms and legs. A pair of eyes had appeared just beneath the handle and it was throwing cricket balls.

Seren stopped and took a single look at it. ‘Nope.’

‘What do you mean “nope”?’ Symphony asked.

‘I refuse to fight a monster from a children’s cartoon. That’s so stupid, and it’s not giving off the same aura as the other magical artefacts.’

‘Seren, you’re the only one who is here to fight it! It may be ridiculous, and not even connected to the artefacts, but it is dangerous. You need to fight!’

Seren sighed. She looked around and knew she had no choice but to resign herself to her fate. ‘This is going to su-‘

Suddenly, a teenage girl appeared. She was wearing a pink dress which was covered in frills, and had long flowing pink hair. By her side was what appeared to be a floating teddy bear.

‘Is that another magical girl?’ Seren asked.

‘She seems like one… but her powers are different. I can’t quite put my finger on it, though…’

‘Well, might as well see how things unfold.’

Despite her outfit, the pink magical girl was surprisingly adept at physical combat. All her punches and kicks made quite an impact on her cricket bat foe. She was easily able to run circles around the clumsy foe, eventually knocking it to the ground.

With her foe down, the pink magical girl finished it off with an impressive beam attack. Naturally, the energy was coloured pink. It engulfed the cricket bat, before reverting it back to its normal form. Once her fight was finished, the magical girl turned and saw that she was being watched. She hastily retreated.

‘Well, that was a waste of time,’ Seren said as she reverted to her normal clothes. ‘I wonder if she’s come across any magical artefacts?’

‘I don’t think so,’ Symphony said. ‘I would have been able to feel their power. She’s collecting something though. No idea what… probably has nothing to do with us.’

‘If that was the case, why did my powers react to the stupid monster?’

‘Who knows?’

‘Well, whatever. Hey, want to grab a bite to eat from the chippy?’

‘Chippy? What’s that?’

‘Geez, did you actually do any research about Earth before coming here? A fish and chip shop’

‘Fish? Sounds great to me!’

‘That’ll be your cat half speaking, I reckon.’

‘Half? I’m all cat!’

‘Right, magic and all that, yeah…’

Seren and Symphony went to the chippy, where they bought a portion of chips and cod each. They walked back home together, eating and talking.

‘So you’re sure you know nothing about that pink magical girl?’ Seren asked.

‘Nothing about her stirred anything up in my memory. Even if I didn’t have this amnesia, she’d still be a complete unknown.’

‘Well, she doesn’t seem evil. It’s probably best that we just leave her alone. After all, she did defeat that cricket bat…’

Their conversation became about nothing much at all as they drew closer to Seren’s home. It was put to an immediate stop when they saw who was waiting for them right outside the house. Garbed in her magical girl gear, Kalla stood with a serious expression.

‘I have finally been able to contact the ITF,’ Kalla said. ‘I inquired about the pair of you. Fifteen years ago, it was decided that you were to be granted magical girl powers, Seren.’

‘Kalla, what’s going on?’ Seren asked.

‘However, it was not Symphony’s responsibility to grant them to you,’ Kalla continued.

‘You’re wrong,’ Symphony objected. ‘When I came here, I knew that the reason for it was to grant these powers to Symphony. That’s the only thing I could remember!’

‘I have been assigned a mission by the ITF. Familiar Symphony Carbo, I am arresting you for manslaughter and unlawfully distributing magical powers. You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Do you understand?’

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