A Magical Girl Tale – Chapter Four: Seren and Symphony

Here’s the fourth chapter of this tale. I’m not too sure about the chapter title, to be honest, but it will have to do. No sense in spending a long time worrying over what to call something, huh?

The current season of anime is heading towards its end, which is a real shame as there are some pretty good shows on. However, there are some interesting new series starting next season, which will include magical girls and awkward English.
Seems like we’re gonna get some musical based anime too, which could be interesting. I won’t get into too much detail about these now, as I will be making a post in the near future to share which series I will be watching in the next season.

Anyways, here’s chapter four of this tale, which loses all the nice formatting I’ve given it in the original document when copied and pasted to this…

Chapter Four: Seren and Symphony

Symphony had dragged Seren all the way back to her home. She urged her to open the door, and once they were inside she made sure that everything was locked. In the front room, Symphony drew the curtains and turned to Seren.

‘Who was that you were with?’ Symphony asked.

‘Her name is Kalla. She’s a magical girl like me, but I suspect that you already knew that.’

‘Yeah… I could feel her magical energy. I had no idea that there was other magical girls present her besides you.’

‘Hey, are you worried about getting into trouble with the ITF?’

‘What’s that?’

‘So I guess you don’t know, then…’

‘That woman you were with told you something, didn’t she?’

Seren explained everything about the SMS and ITF that Kalla had told her earlier, but this just left Symphony bewildered.

‘That’s what Kalla said, anyway,’ Seren said, trying to fill the silence left by Symhony’s bewilderment.

‘This… Kalla… are you sure you can trust her?’

‘She saved my life. I think I can trust her.’

‘I don’t know… doesn’t it seem convenient for another magical girl to suddenly show up shortly after you gain those powers?’

‘Come on, that kind of thing always happens. It’s hardly surprising.’

‘I have no idea what you’re basing that on. Look, Seren, all I’m saying is that it would be best for you to avoid that Kalla woman.’

‘SHUT UP, SYMPHONY!’ Seren yelled. ‘You come here and wreck my life, and then you start giving me orders! Before you came along, my life was going great! Symphony, get out! Leave my house, and get out of my life!’

Symphony took a step back in response to Seren’s sudden outburst. She tried to say something, but no words would leave her throat. Symphony silently moved towards the front door.

‘Symphony, wait,’ Seren said.

Symphony stopped and turned around. Seren handed her the magical artefact she had sealed earlier, and her necklace.

‘Seren, I’ll accept the artefact. However, it is possible that dangerous situations may arise that will require you to use your power. Please, keep the necklace.’

Seren merely nodded and reluctantly reclaimed her necklace. After that, Symphony left.

A few days passed, with Seren settling back in to her regular routine. She still received some stick from her appearance on the news from her library colleagues, which they labelled as ‘banter’ much to her chagrin. Ultimately, she decided it would be best to just ignore their comments.

Another sign that her life had returned to normal was the non-appearance of magical artefacts. This helped to convince Seren that the whole incident with her being a magical girl had finally come to an end.

Despite this, every morning Seren found herself glancing out of her front room window in the hope of spying a familiar black cat. Symphony wasn’t the only one who had completely vanished from Seren’s life; Kalla seemed to have become nothing more than a figment of her imagination.

After an ordinary day at work, Seren received a grim reminder of the events that had transpired several days before. Just before she was about to sit down and indulge in some video games, the horribly familiar pain inflicted by the presence of a magical artefact pulsed through her head. It was so bad that she almost dropped her handheld console.

Seren subconsciously found herself assuming her magical girl form, her body acting in order to prevent the worst of the pain. Despite the change, Seren convinced herself that someone else would deal with the incident. She tried to lose herself in her game, but the ominous feeling did not recede.

‘Argh, dammit!’ Seren cried after a while, realising that she wouldn’t be able to get anything done if she didn’t deal with the magical artefact. Following her instinct, she left the house and travelled up the road to her local supermarket.

As she had expected, a monster was rampaging in the car park. Despite the inconvenience, the general populace were carrying on with their shopping as if nothing was wrong. Some of them were watching the event fold with vague interest. As Seren approached, she could see someone was already battling the foe.

The monster itself was similar to the first one that Seren had encountered; a mass of black energy in a humanoid form with glowing red eyes. Its opponent was a familiar pale dark-haired girl, still clad in a Black Sabbath t-shirt and jeans.

‘Symphony!’ Seren called upon realising who was fighting. There was no response, but that was justified due to the situation.

Despite her best efforts, the creature was far superior to Symphony in combat. It had been merely playing with Symphony, but when Seren arrived it quickly knocked her aside and turned its attention towards the actual threat.

Seren recalled the physical beat down that Kalla administered to the giant spider, and willed her staff to alter its shape. She was surprised when it responded to her whims, and changed into a pair of boots and a pair of gloves. With her staff in a form that would be easier to fight with, she rushed towards her foe.

Her first move completely overshot the monster, due to the sheer amount of magical energy she had been focusing into her boots. She almost damaged a car, but she was able to stop just in time. Seren turned around and took a deep breath. With her power under control, she was able to approach the monster at a more sensible pace.

The monster responded by smashing its fist straight down, which Seren was able to swiftly avoid. She seized the opportunity to deliver a magically-charged punch to her foe. The blow was spot-on and it tore a hole straight through the monster’s body.

Much to Seren’s surprise, this wasn’t enough to deter it. She quickly discovered that injuring it in such a manner only caused it to become rather angry. Its movement speed increased and its attacks seemed to grow stronger. A couple of tendrils snaked out from its body, and wrapped themselves around the car that Seren had almost crashed into earlier. It lifted it with very little effort and flung it directly at Seren.

Seren’s mind was telling her to dodge, but her body reacted by catching the car. She was surprised that she managed to catch it, and even more so to find that there was almost no weight to it.

‘My car!’ a bystander cried.

‘Oh, sorry!’ Seren gently placed the car down on the ground. After that, she launched another assault on the monster. A flurry of punches was followed by a flurry of kicks, all enhanced via her magical armaments.

Cheering broke out from the gathered crowd, and Seren could see that a few of them had phones out in order to take photos of the event or record it. This convinced her to bring the battle to a quick end, so she had her gloves and boots revert to its staff form.

‘Blessed Blaster,’ Seren declared. Magical energy converged together on the gem at the stop of her staff, and she unleashed it. The beam of energy engulfed the monster, utterly annihilating it. Seren sealed the artefact afterwards, and the gathered crowd dispersed.

Seren made her way over to the unconscious Symphony and knelt down beside her. After ensuring that Symphony was all right, Seren looked around in the hopes of spotting any sign of Kalla. She was nowhere to be seen.

‘Seren…’ Symphony stirred from unconsciousness and picked herself up from off the ground.

‘Take it easy, Symphony,’ Seren said.

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Huh? Why?’

‘I know you hate the whole magical girl thing, so I was trying my best to make it so you could carry on with your normal life…’


‘If only I was stronger… then you wouldn’t have needed to show up like you did.’

‘Oh, come on Symphony. Besides, if I didn’t tackle that thing, I’m certain that Kalla would have done so.’

Symphony blinked a couple of times as realisation hit her. ‘I never even considered that possibility…’

‘She’s nowhere to be seen, though.’

‘That’s a relief. The last thing I need is her appearing.’

‘Symphony, tell me something. Do you have a grudge against Kalla?’

‘There’s just something about her… if my amnesia would clear up, I’d be able to explain clearly. Unfortunately, all that I know is that whenever I’m close to her, she seems… dangerous. It might be some kind of sixth sense.’

‘Maybe meeting with her could dispel those feelings. She seems nice enough to me, so having the opportunity to chat might settle your anxiety about her. Unfortunately, I have no idea where she is at the moment, so that will have to wait.’

‘I’m not sure…’

‘Symphony, if you want to come back to my house, that is one condition you’ll have to accept. Both you and Kalla are connected to this whole magical girl débâcle, so it would be nice if my friends could get along.’

‘“Friends?” Seren, are you saying-?’

‘Yeah. Only if you accept the condition, though.’

‘All right, fine. I’ll do it, for my friend’s sake.’

‘Glad to hear it. Now, since we’re here, there’s some shopping I need to get done. We’ll head straight back home after that.’

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