Rory’s 3DS Game of January 2015

Due to Nintendo deciding to release the the New Nintendo 3DS and two games I very much want on the same day in February, I’m taking a bit of an unorthodox method for choosing my first 3DS Game of the Month of 2015.
However, though the game I shall be featuring here isn’t actually released until February, I got an e-mail from Nintendo providing with a code to download the demo for this game. So, I have played this game, though only a small part of it.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be released in February, though I would very much like to shine the spotlight on it here. Since this is my blog, I shall be doing that.
The Monster Hunter series is very much what it says on the tin: there are monsters, and you hunt them.
By hunting the monsters, you get various items that can be used to create new weapons and armour that allow you to hunt bigger monsters. The cycle continues like that.

In Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, two new weapon types are introduced: the Charge Blade and the Insect Glaive. The Charge Blade can be switched between Sword mode and Axe mode, whilst the Insect Glaive lets players summon a bug called a Kinsect to aid in their quest.
There’s more to the weapons than that, but I won’t go into too much detail about them here. With a wide range of different weapon types, it’s pretty likely you’ll be able to find one that suits your playing style.

Anyone who has played Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be familiar with the Shakalaka companions, Cha-Cha and Kayamba. They aren’t in this game, instead replaced by Felyne companions. The Felyne companions can be outfitted with various equipment, some of which resembles very familiar video game characters.
The crossover doesn’t stop at the Felynes, either. Some of the weapons and armour hunters can create are also based on other video games.

The demo provides three different monsters to hunt: the Great Jaggi, Tetsucabra and Gore Magala. You can choose any one of the fourteen weapon types to hunt with, though you are given a predetermined set of equipment and Felyne partners.
However, the demo supports both local and online multiplayer. Also, this is the first 3DS entry of the Monster Hunter franchise that supports online multiplayer.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of the few games that I have spent hundreds of hours playing, and I imagine the next entry in the series will be the same.

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I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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