Rory’s Wii U Game of January 2015

So, my first Wii U Game of the Month for 2015 kicks off with an action puzzle game. It is a spin-off of Nintendo’s premier platforming series, and was developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo Group No. 2 and 1-Up Studio.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker focuses on the adventures of the eponymous toad who first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. After getting his own levels in Super Mario 3D World, Captain Toad now has a fully fleshed out game dedicated solely to him (well, almost – Toadette is also a playable character).
Though he comes from a platformer series, Captain Toad is not able to jump. This limits his movement, and forces the player to rethink simple enemies such as Goombas.

Each level is its own self-contained area. Using the Wii U GamePad’s gyroscope controls or the right analogue stick, you can move the camera around in order to survey the level. This allows player to see any hidden secrets and plan their route towards them.
A few familiar items appear in the levels – the Super Mushroom, coins and POW Blocks amongst others. In addition, Captain Toad can sometimes find a pickaxe that allows him to destroy certain parts of the terrain to uncover secrets.
In addition, some levels utilise the GamePad’s touchscreen in order to allow the player to manipulate platforms.

If you have Super Mario 3D World save data on the Wii U, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will detect that and allow you to play through various levels from the former as Captain Toad. However, you need to collect certain amounts of Super Gems to unlock them – there are three in each level.

Nintendo are kicking this year off with a charming spin-off of their most iconic series, and it is well worth investing time in.

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