Rory’s Reviews: selector spread WIXOSS

selector spread WIXOSS
selector spread WIXOSS is a twelve-episode anime, and the direct sequel of selector infected WIXOSS. As the plot continues directly from selector infected WIXOSS, it is likely that this review will contain spoilers. Efforts will be made to avoid them, but it is still best to be wary.

The cast of characters within selector spread WIXOSS pretty much remains the same, with the addition of two other characters who are closely connected to the card game WIXOSS.
In addition, characters who didn’t get much screentime during the first season actually receive some characterisation this time around.
Viewers get a learn some more about Chiyori, who barely appeared in selector infected WIXOSS.

The first major new character introduced is Fumio Futase. She is a Selector, naturally. She is also the author of the WIXOSS novel that Chiyori reads.
The second major new character is one who can’t really be discussed without bringing up spoilers. Needless to say, it is this character who serves arguably the most important role when it comes to WIXOSS.

selector spread WIXOSS answers those questions that went completely unanswered by the time selector infected WIXOSS had concluded. Once again, even mentioning those is potential spoiler territory…

Once again, the rules of WIXOSS are never explained to the viewer. Selectors know how to play the game, but there are other things that the anime focuses on in order to draw in the viewer. Don’t expect anything like Yu-Gi-Oh! here.

As a protagonist, Ruko is pretty good. She overcomes the sorrow from the events of selector infected WIXOSS, and even manages to fill a certain character with her warmth.
Said character is an LRIG, though not much more can be said. At first, she is resistant to Ruko’s attempts to bond with her, but she opens up as the series goes on.

selector spread WIXOSS ends, as many things do. The way in which it does so… well, you’ll have to watch the whole series and judge it for yourself.

Score: 9/10
selector infected WIXOSS and selector spread WIXOSS add up to create an incredible experience. The focus on the characters rather than the card game makes for an enjoyable experience.

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