London MCM Comic Con

So, after umming and erring about it for a while, I decided I would get myself down to London for October’s MCM Comic Con. Naturally, it was well worth it, even if I did have less money than usual to spend.

I wore my Attack on Titan Scouting Regiment uniform, just as I did last time.
I had two objectives for the day, both of which I achieved. After queuing up for a very long while (more than an hour, I think), I got in and got my wristband.
Objective number one was the ‘All the Anime’ stall – All the Anime being one of three companies who license anime in the UK – there, I picked up the first of three box sets of Kill la Kill. It is a special edition that comes with a Key Art Collection and Storyboard Book. Even better, the actual UK release date of this particular box set of Kill la Kill isn’t officially until the beginning of November.
Objective number two was the Manga Entertainment stall. There, I picked up the Attack on Titan part 2 DVD. Another one that was exclusively available before the actual release date, though only by a couple of days.
With both those objectives complete, I wandered around a bit and treated myself to a few other things. I managed to pick up a couple of sample packs of Pokémon cards, as well as obtain a code that will allow me to download a special demo version of Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire on my 3DS. Those things were being handed out for free.
As for the other things I bought: volume 62 of the Bleach manga, One Piece playing cards, and a Kill la Kill Scissor Blade keyring. Also, I picked up a few boxes of Pocky, because that’s what I always do.

There were some impressive cosplayers there, too. A couple of people were dressed as Ruby Rose, complete with scythe, from RWBY, and I saw someone dressed as Blake Belladonna. There was a Rooster Teeth stall, which was quite popular. If I had more money, I probably would have bought some kind of RWBY merchandise.
There were plenty of Bleach and Naruto cosplayers, as is usually the case.

Ultimately, I’m glad I chose to go the London MCM Comic Con. The Comic Con is expanding every time I go, too. Usually, the Comic Con has two full days for the weekend, with a preview on the Friday. From next year, however, the London MCM Comic Con will have three full days.

If the opportunity to get yourself to this kind of convention ever presents itself to you, I strongly recommend that you go.

Though I won’t be there on Sunday, there will be an anime industry panel in which those people responsible for licensing anime in the UK will announce some new releases. All the Anime and MVM Entertainment have already announced some things, but I’ll make a post about that tomorrow.

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