Rory’s Wii U Game of October

My Wii U Game of the Month for October is one that could not have existed had Nintendo not stepped in. It is a sequel developed by Platinum Games. A free demo for this game has been available for a while.

Yeah, the game is Bayonetta 2. I also happened to get the Wii U port of Bayonetta as well, and I’m playing through that before I start on the sequel.

Anyway, Bayonetta 2 is a “non-stop climax action” game, featuring the Umbran Witch Bayonetta. In the first game, she fights the angelic forces of Paradiso, and those foes return for the second. In the sequel, Bayonetta also has to deal with demons from Inferno as witnessed in the demo when Gomorrah breaks free from her control.
During combat, Bayonetta can activate “Witch Time” by executing well-timed dodges. This slows things around her, allowing her to execute combos on her foes.
A new addition to the second game is “Umbran Climax”, powerful moves that Bayonetta can pull off when her magic gauge is full. This technique increases Bayonetta’s strength and recovers her health, but it completely optional as to whether you use it or not.

Now, had Nintendo not partnered with Platinum Games, Bayonetta 2 probably wouldn’t exist. You’ll hear no complaints from me; after all, us Nintendo fans have got exclusive access to an incredible action game.
Judging by the critical praise, Bayonetta 2 improves upon the first game. I’m finding the first game to be excellent, so I can’t wait to finish that and start on the sequel proper.

Another new mode available in Bayonetta 2 is ‘Tag Climax’, an online co-op mode. Two players partake in battles together, and they can bet on the outcome of those fights. There are several different characters available to play as in this mode, too.

With the release of Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, the Wii U has gained two more incredible games for its ever-expanding library. If you don’t own the console, go out and buy one right now. I strongly recommend it.

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