Even More Autumn 2014 Anime First Impressions

Initially, I thought I only had one more show to cover. Turns out I was wrong.

Girl Friend (Beta)
A show based on a smartphone game where the player picks from a harem of girls to woo. Not my kind of thing, but it seems this anime adaptation is taking that premise in a different direction.
From the first episode, it appears they are pulling a Koihime Musou and getting rid of any signs of a male protagonist.
This leaves behind a large group of girls interacting with each other, in typical cute girls doing cute things fashion.
Kokomi Shiina is the main character, and the first episode served as an introduction for several other girls. Most important to that specific episode was French exchange student Chloe Lemaire.
The first episode of Girl Friend (Beta) was enjoyable enough, and I hope that they continue with the same formula. It may not engage the brain or provide a fantastic adventure (Psycho-Pass 2 and Log Horizon 2 will probably provide those fixes respectively), but sometimes you just need a nice relaxing anime.

Yuna Yuki is a Hero
At first, this has all the appearances of a typical girls’ club anime. Yuna and three others make up the Hero Club, a club that exists in order to help out everyone else. Everything goes as one might expect of that type of show, and then the main characters’ phones go off.
It is at that point that Yuna Yuki is a Hero reveals what it actually is; a magical girl anime. Whether it will have a dark tone or not, we have yet to see. They are tasked with fighting foes called ‘Vertex’, and do so in a world that is fairly vibrant.
I loved the first episode of this anime, and can’t wait for more… oh, hang on… hey, episode 2 is available right now! See you later, I’m off to watch more of this.

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