Rory’s 3DS Game of September

My 3DS Game of the Month is a game that allows you to embark on twelve different lives, in a fantasy world. It was developed by Level-5, the same company responsible for the Professor Layton series of video games.

The game is Fantasy Life, a game set in a world called Reveria. When you start the game, you customise an avatar and select a job, or Life, from a selection of twelve. The twelve Lives on offer are: Alchemist, Angler, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Cook, Hunter, Magician, Mercenary, Miner, Paladin, Tailor and Woodcutter.

You can freely change between Lives as you want, with access to all the skills you mastered in previous Lives. As you may have guessed, some Lives compliment others; Miners can obtain ore that Blacksmiths use to create weapons, and then Mercenaries can put those weapons to use. The game offers plenty of freedom when it comes to whichever Life you want, and experimenting with them all is part of the fun.

There is a plot in Fantasy Life, but the game lets you follow it at your own pace. New areas are opened up as you advance, but there’s never a rush to get anywhere. You could work on levelling up your Lives, or maybe earning Dosh (the in-game currency) or Bliss.

Acquiring enough Bliss allows you to receive bonuses. These range from extra storage space to a sound test, and you can choose in which order to unlock them. Naturally, my first choice was to have a pet, and I chose to have a cat (a black one I named Orin, after the Touhou character). Pets can join your party and aid you in fighting monsters.

Each Life has its own tutorial to begin you with, though they are entirely optional (aside from your first ever one). The game starts with you buying supplies from nearby shops, but as you advance you will be gathering your own materials. Naturally, items you have created yourself tend to be better than those bought from shops.

Fantasy Life is a game that has a lot on offer, and I certainly look forward to experiencing it all. In addition, there is DLC available in the form of ‘Origin Island’, which expands upon the already bulging game.

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