Super Smash Bros. Direct

The Super Smash Bros. Direct shared a lot of information on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. games.

First was the release dates; Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will be released in the summer, whilst Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will be released in winter.

The Direct covered various information about both games; online play, new modes and so on.

A new mode exclusively for the 3DS version is called ‘Smash Run’, which has up to four players spending five minutes exploring a dungeon in order to find upgrades for their character before fighting.

A few of the stages were covered, including information on the Yellow Devil’s appearance on Dr. Wily’s Castle. Other boss characters will show up in other stages (Ridley’s shadow was seen in the Pyrosphere).

Online has ‘For Fun’ and ‘For Glory’ modes. The latter is for those people who take fighting games way too seriously, so they are limited to Final Destination with no items.
‘For Fun’ has all items on, random stages and only smash battles. If you play with friends online or locally, you can set up the rules to your liking.

Some of the items, Assist Trophies and Poké Ball Pokémon were showcased.

After that, we were shown some of the veteran characters’ new movesets.
Both Zero Suit Samus and Sheik will return, but as entirely separate characters from Samus and Zelda respectively. This allows players to stick with using one moveset throughout the entire match.

After going over characters we already knew about, Yoshi was reintroduced. Just like Bowser, his stance has been changed to being more upright.

Lucario is able to Mega Evolve, which maximises its aura damage.

All the characters can have custom movesets, though it is limited to local play or playing online with friends.

The end of the presentation showed a trailer that featured the return of Charizard, who was seen Mega Evolving into Mega Charizard X. In addition, another Pokémon joined the roster; Greninja.
Greninja is the fully evolved water starter from Pokémon X & Y, which is also part dark-type. As you can probably guess, it is a ninja frog.

There was probably a lot more, but I just picked out things of note.

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