Rory’s Reviews: Nobunagun

Nobunagun is an action anime series by Bridge adapted from manga written by Masato Hisa and published in Earth Star Entertainment’s comic Earth Star. It is a twelve episode series, which aired from January 5th 2014 to March 23rd 2014.

The plot of Nobunagun focuses on a Japanese high school student named Shio Ogura. During school trip to Taiwan, monsters known as ‘Evolutionary Invasion Objects’ attack.
In response to the attack, E-Gene Holders from the government agency DOGOO arrive. E-Gene Holders wield weapons infused with the spirits of historical figures, and it turns out Shio is an E-Gene Holder with the soul of Oda Nobunaga. She ends up joining DOGOO and helping to fight the Evolutionary Invasion Objects.

Shio is a military otaku, resulting in most of her classmates ignoring her. However, a girl Kaoru Asao befriends her. Shio proves to be a kind and loyal friend. When she joins DOGOO, she joins the second platoon.
The other members of the second platoon are Adam Muirhead, Mahesh Mirza and Jess Beckham.
Adama is the E-Gene Holder of Jack the Ripper, and he enjoys fighting. He fights alongside Shio, even though they get irritated with each other at times.
Mahesh is the E-Gene Holder of Gandhi. He is able to produce force-fields, and is prone to teasing Shio.
Jess is the E-Gene Holder of Isaac Newton, so naturally she gets gravity-altering abilities. She greets everyone by French kissing them.

There are other member of DOGOO, and the first platoon get an entire episode devoted to them. In addition to the commander and St. Germain, there are numerous other E-Gene Holders mentioned throughout the series.

The enemies that DOGOO fight are the aforementioned Evolutionary Invasion Objects. They are basically alien monsters that show the capability to evolve. Of course, being alien monsters, they don’t exactly have a lot in the way of characterisation. Whilst their rapid evolution is a threat, the whole wanting to destroy humanity thing isn’t exactly new.

Nobunagun has a rather unique art style. Whenever the Objects show up, the colouring changes. There is a lot of purple involved; in addition, the anime makes use of unmoving plaid and the contrast between light and dark colours.

Score: 7/10
An enjoyable action series, even if it does adopt the standard formula of a new recruit joining an organisation to help save the world.

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