First Impressions: selector infected WIXOSS

So, we’re at the start of a new anime season, and the first anime I have watched is selector infected WIXOSS.
WIXOSS (pronounced wi-cross) is a card game, and girls who possess special cards called LRIGs are known as Selectors. The girls are able to make their wishes come true if they win the card games and become the ‘Eternal Girl’.

So far we’ve only been shown a preview of a WIXOSS game; it was interrupted before going anywhere. However, it seems that main character Ruko possesses quite some power. Currently, Ruko doesn’t have a wish, but I imagine that will change over the course of the series.
Oh, and when a game of WIXOSS is played between Selectors, they are warped to some kind of alternate dimension. There’s quite a few things that are similar to Yu-Gi-Oh!, as you may have noticed.
Ruko’s dream hints that there is something dark waiting to happen; I’m looking forward to seeing what direction this anime will take.

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