Rory’s Reviews: Super Sonico the Animation

Super Sonico the Animation
Super Sonico the Animation is an anime based on the Nitroplus mascot Super Sonico. It consists of twelve episodes and aired between January 6th 2014 and March 24th 2014. It is a slice of life anime, with plenty of focus on music.

Super Sonico is the main character, as you would expect. She is a college student, a gravure idol and the vocalist and guitarist of the band First Astronomical Velocity. In addition, she also works as a waitress for her grandmother. The fact she does so much means she often sleeps in and is prone to being late.
Sonico’s bandmates are Suzu Fujimi and Fuuri Watanuki. Suzu is the lead singer and bassist of First Astronomical Velocity, whereas Fuuri is the drummer.

There are a wealth of other characters as well, who are arguably more interesting than Sonico herself. Sonico’s manager, Kitamura, wears a hannya mask which he never takes off. He looks out for Sonico, though he will intimidate anyone who he thinks is threatening or attempting something inappropriate with her.
Another episode focused on Sonico’s cats; yet more characters that could be considered more interesting than Sonico herself.

Although Super Sonico the Animation is a slice-of-life anime, one episode does delve into the zombie genre and another murder-mystery. There is also an episode where Sonico visits the countryside; there is next to no background music and it is extremely dull. Anime set in the countryside can be great; Non Non Biyori serves as proof of that.

There is fanservice in this anime, though it is mostly during Sonico’s modelling shoots. The anime uses a instances of cringe comedy, which usually involves Sonico being nearly-naked.

There is at least one aspect Super Sonico the Animation does well in; the music. First Astronomical Velocity perform some pretty decent tunes, and there is a different ending theme for each episode.

Score: 5/10
Super Sonico the Animation is somewhat average. The music is a high-point, but everything else is so-so.
For a superior musical slice-of-life anime, watch K-On!.

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