Winter 2014 Anime Season Halfway Point

Since we’ve roughly come upon the halfway point for the winter 2014 anime season, I thought I would share my opinions on the shows I have been watching so far. With that intro done, let’s get down to business.

Kill la Kill
Since this is a two-cour series, Kill la Kill is roughly about three quarters of the way through at this point. I love everything about Kill la Kill; the action, the funny moments, the soundtrack… I could go on for a while like that.

Log Horizon
Another two-cour series, Log Horizon is also roughly three quarters of the way through. There is a lot of exposition which may prevent some from enjoying it, but I think that helps to create a brilliant fantasy world. The way in which adventurers interact with the game world now that it is their reality is great as well.

With that out of the way, let’s get on to the shows that actually started this season.

An enjoyable action anime so far. I’m hoping to see Shio have further interaction with Asao in the future. The fights against the Evolutionary Invasion Objects are great, since that is when the E-Gene holders get to show off their power.

Pupa has been a let-down so far. I think this may be due to the decision to have it as a series of shorts. The lack of time to build up any suspense really gets in the way of the supposed horror.

Robot Girls Z
Robot Girls Z is pure silliness. I’ve enjoyed it so far, since it doesn’t take itself seriously. I don’t know much about the original robots the girls are based on. Still, the fact it is so over-the-top seems enjoyable enough to me.

Saki: The Nationals
Saki: The Nationals continues to be as great as ever. The new characters are interesting, and I can’t wait to see what powers they bring to the mahjong table. Of course, what I’m anticipating most is when Achiga finally goes up against Kiyosumi.

Sakura Trick
Sakura Trick is great. I enjoy the slice-of-life elements, and it has made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Of course, the main reason for watching Sakura Trick is for the yuri, and it delivers on that front.

Space Dandy
I’ve enjoyed Space Dandy so far. Another one that I have laughed out loud at on several occasions. All the episodes have been self-contained so far, but the Gogol Empire’s pursuit of Dandy might just hint at a bigger plot later on.

Super Sonico the Animation
This is a slice-of-life anime, but it doesn’t quite have the same appeal to me as K-On for example, which may have something to do with the character of Super Sonico herself. The only characters I really like so far are Sonico’s manager and one her of bandmates, Fuuri.

Tonari no Seki-kun
This has displayed some of the most inventive ways of overcoming boredom I have ever seen. Yokoi’s reactions to Seki’s projects are brilliant. This anime is a case where short episodes work perfectly.

Wake Up, Girls!
TV Tropes reliably informs me that Wake Up, Girls! is darker and edgier than other idol shows. I would definitely class this as a drama about idols. It’s kept me interested so far, even if it is fairly serious.

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil
This has been great so far. There are great action scenes where the characters use big flashy magic attacks. Of course, there are courtroom scenes as well, although they tend to be fairly short. I would love to see an entire trial play out like a case from Ace Attorney, but that may just be asking too much. I would also like to see Natsuna overcome her animosity toward Cecil; that may happen if they work on a case together.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot
This is a strange one, which I am enjoying very much. The members of Zvezda are all brilliantly eccentric both in looks and personalities. There are plenty of funny moments and I very much look forward to seeing Kate Hoshimiya/Venera move closer to her goal of world conquest.

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