First Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot

World Conquest Zvezda Plot, or Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda, follows the group Zvezda as they aim for complete world conquest.

Zvezda is led by a young girl named Kate Hoshimiya, who recruits a middle-school boy named Asuta Jimon in the first episode. He quickly discovers what the Zvezda organisation is like.

I really enjoyed the first episode. I’m looking forward to more of this, particularly if it will showcase the other members of Zvezda fighting in order to move towards their goal of world domination.

One episode in, and it has revealed an interesting cast of characters. I eagerly look forward to learning more about the characters in Zvezda in future episodes.

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1 Response to First Impressions: World Conquest Zvezda Plot

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Sweet. This show is on my watchlist and when I call, I’ll give it a go. The characters’ costumes are delightfully bizarre and that’s what grabbed my attention.

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