Rory’s Reviews: Coppelion

Coppelion is an action and science fiction anime series adapted from the manga written and illustrated by Tomonori Inoue.

The plot concerns three high school girls who have been genetically engineered to be immune to radiation. They are known as Coppelion. They have been sent to the Old Capital; a place that had been devastated by a nuclear explosion. Their task is to seek out survivors and rescue them.

The leader of the Coppelion rescue unit is Ibara Naruse. She is extremely kind, and will strive to help everyone that she meets. As a Coppelion, she possesses super strength and enhanced athletic abilities.
Aoi Fukasaku is the second member of the Coppelion rescue unit. She constantly believes that she is just in the way, and chooses to isolate herself for a long while. Despite being a Coppelion, she doesn’t display any abilities… at first.
The third member of the Coppelion rescue unit is Taeko Nomura. Taeko possesses extremely heightened senses; she has to wear a special pair of glasses to tune down her vision. She also has had some medical training.

Coppelion is slow to start. The first few episodes give the suggestion that they will rescue a different group of survivors each time, but things quickly change. With the arrival of the 1st Division and other Coppelions, the plot starts to pick up.
The theme of humanity is also explored throughout the series. The Coppelion often view themselves as puppets, but the people they help believe there is more to them than that. It’s a fairly interesting theme.

Aside from the slow start, the whole washed-out colour scheme might take some getting used to. It’s most likely there to represent the effects of radiation upon the Old Capital, but it was quite jarring at first.

Whilst all the characters have their own personal strengths and weaknesses, Aoi is a character people seemed to struggle to like. That fact probably comes from her constant whinging, and lack of meaningful contributions. Things do improve slightly later, thanks in part to a robot called No-sense.

The action scenes in Coppelion are fairly decent, and the battle against the Iron Spider is my personal highlight.

Score: 8/10
Coppelion is fairly slow to get started, though things do start to get more interesting after a few episodes.

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