A Look at the Winter 2014 Anime Season

A new year approaches, and it brings along a new season of anime. The question, which anime shows will I be watching in the Winter 2014 Season? Translations come from TV Tropes.

Let’s kick things off with the shows I will most definitely be watching.


Monsters attack Earth, and they can only be defeated by weapons infused with the spirit of a historical figure. The main character is a schoolgirl who uses the giant machinegun Oda Nobunaga.
I like the look of this one. I enjoy action, and it seems there will be elements of yuri if the above video is anything to go by.
Nobunagun is due to air from January 5th for 13 episode.

Saki Zenkoku-hen (Saki: Nationals)

High school girls playing mahjong. This continues from where the first anime left off.
I have developed a slightly better understanding of the rules of mahjong, thanks to Saki. I can’t wait to see more. Also, this is another show that definitely has yuri elements.
Saki Zenkoku-hen is due to air from January 5th.

Sakura Trick

Whereas the previous shows mentioned may have yuri elements, this one is most certainly a yuri anime. It is a slice of life schoolgirl anime, heavily featuring the two main girls making out.
I really like yuri, so I should really like this.
Sakura Trick is due to air from January 9th for one cour.

Space Dandy

A dandy guy searches the universe for undiscovered aliens.
The people who worked on Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Bebop are responsible for this one. Considering Shinichi Watanabe is directing it, I imagine this will be worth watching.
Space Dandy is due to air from January 4th for 26 episodes.

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

In a world where magic-users and normal humans coexist, there are various laws against using magic. The main character is a defence attorney for magic-users.
I really hope I’m right when I label this as a Harry Potter and Phoenix Wright crossover. Even if I’m wrong, I’ll still watch this.
Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil is due to air from January 12th for 12 episodes.

So, with the shows I will definitely be watching out of the way, let’s take a look at some that are on my ‘maybe’ list. It’s probably likely I’ll end up sticking with these all the way through, though.


A girl turns into a man-eating monster, leaving her brother to find a way to turn her back to normal.
The PV for this actually put me off slightly, since it appears to involve incest. Still, the concept is novel so I will check it out.
Pupa will air from January 9th.

Robot Girls Z

To quote TV Tropes: ‘Moe versions of Go Nagai super robots.’ A ridiculous concept that also looks utterly ridiculous; I think I might enjoy this one.
Robot Girls Z is due to air from January 4th for 9 10-minute episodes.

Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda (World Conquest Zvezda Plot)

An original anime that follows Zvezda, a secret society aiming for world conquest. White Light, a sentai group, oppose them.
Just a picture of the main cast was enough to get me interested in this one. I don’t know much else about it.
Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda is due to air from January 11th.

Super Sonico the Animation

An anime that follows the life of Nitro Plus’ mascot Super Sonico. She works as a model and musician.
This one appears to be similar to Miss Monochrome, but with more fanservice.
Super Sonico the Animation is due to air from January 5th.

Wake Up, Girls!

Seven girls from the area of Japan devastated by the 2011 tsunami aspire to become idols.
Once again, don’t know much about this one. Doesn’t seem to be getting many fans on YouTube, but I won’t judge until I’ve watched it.
Wake Up, Girls! is due to air from January 10th for 12 episodes.

That’s it. Here, have a recap.

Definitely Watching

  • Nobunagun
  • Saki Zenkoku-hen
  • Sakura Trick
  • Space Dandy
  • Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil

Will Check Out

  • Pupa
  • Robot Girls Z
  • Sekai Seifuku ~ Bouryaku no Zvezda
  • Super Sonico the Animation
  • Wake Up, Girls!

I should also mention that Kill La Kill and Log Horizon are continuing into the new season as well. That’s an extremely good thing, because I consider those two anime to be the best of Autumn 2013.

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