Rory’s Reviews: BlazBlue Alter Memory

BlazBlue Alter Memory
BlazBlue Alter Memory is an anime series based on the video games BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift.

A man known as Ragna the Bloodedge arrives in the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi. He is known as the ‘Grim Reaper’, and has a large bounty on his head. As a result, many fighters travel to the city in an attempt to claim the bounty.

Ragna the Bloodedge is the main protagonist of BlazBlue Alter Memory. He has a prosthetic right arm, which contains the power of the Azure Grimoire. He tends to ignore the advice from others and carves out his own path.
Jin Kisaragi is Ragna’s brother, and an officer of the NOL. He wields the Nox Nyctores “Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa” sword. He goes AWOL in order to track down his brother.
Noel Vermillion is a member of the NOL. She is sent to track down Jin, though her path ends up crossing Ragna’s on several occasions. She wields the Nox Nyctores “Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk” revolvers.
Rachel Alucard is a vampire, and an Observer. Rachel observes Ragna throughout the series, and will offer him advice every now and then.
Hazama serves as the antagonist in BlazBlue: Alter Memory, though he does answer to a higher power. Hazama makes a hobby out of breaking people simply by talking to them. Also noted for being a troll, Hazama enjoys every second of that.

There are many other characters, though those five are arguably the most important. Some characters merely appear for a fraction of an episode (Carl Clover), whilst others may play a more important role (Makoto Nanaya).
The focus is very much on Ragna, Jin and Noel. There are elements from the other characters’ stories in there, but not very much.

If you’ve never played any of the BlazBlue games before, or not done any background reading, I think it may be a struggle to keep up with the plot. I have Continuum Shift II on 3DS, but there were definitely elements I wasn’t sure about. There’s a fair bit of terminology that may be incomprehensible to the casual viewer.

Considering this anime is based on a series of fighting games, the fight scenes didn’t feel that great. Most of them were over way too quickly. The use of stock footage could also be considered a minus as well.

I’m fairly confident in saying that the anime used the music from the games, which is no bad thing.

Ragna’s fight against Hazama was my personal highlight. After all, seeing the hero clash against the villain is usually fun to watch.

Score: 7/10
Definitely one for the fans of BlazBlue. I think there could have been more fighting and the plot may be difficult to follow, but I certainly got some enjoyment out of it.

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  1. I enjoyed this to an extent as well, though ultimately I was pretty disappointed. 12 episodes is way too short to begin with, and as someone who never played the games, it was really difficult for me to follow. It didn’t even seem like it was because the plot was particularly confusing either (at the very least I’m certain I’ve seen weirder series in that regard) but the anime just didn’t explain a whole lot and development was pretty limited. One of these days I really want to try the games out.

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