Rory’s Reviews: Miss Monochrome: The Animation

Miss Monochrome -The Animation-
Miss Monochrome: The Animation is a series of anime shorts based on an original character created and voiced by Japanese singer and actress Yui Horie.

Since each episode of Miss Monochrome: The Animation is no longer than four minutes, I’ll try to keep this review short as well.

Miss Monochrome is an android who aspires to become a super idol. She is a fan of the idol Kikuko.

Maneo is a manager of a convenience store. Miss Monochrome mistakenly believes that makes him an idol manager, and thus she recruits him as her manager.

Mana lives with Miss Monochrome at first, but that stops being the case by the time the first episode has ended.

Ru-chan is a roomba that lives with Miss Monochrome.

There is no overarching plot between the episodes, though there are a few elements that do carry over between each one. Each episode is pretty much a piece of humour.

It’s kind of hard to say a lot about a series of shorts, so I think I’ll just skip to the score.

Score: 7/10
Miss Monochrome: The Animation does no harm, I suppose. The humour is hit-and-miss, but the fact that each episode is so short does make it easy to watch the whole series in one sitting.

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