Rory’s Reviews: Outbreak Company

Outbreak CompanyOutbreak Company is an anime series adapted from a series of light novels written by Ichirō Sakaki, and illustrated by Yūgen.

The plot of Outbreak Company concerns a shut-in named Shinichi Kanou. He successfully applies for a job which has him spread otaku culture in the fantasy land of Eldant.

Shinichi Kanou is the main protagonist. As expected of an otaku, Shinichi absolutely adores anime, manga and video games. Before he received the job of spreading otaku culture, Shinichi was a NEET due to being rejected when he confessed to his childhood friend.

Minori Koganuma is an ambassador from Japan. She works closely with Shinichi on spreading otaku culture, and is obsessed with yaoi.

Moving on to characters from Eldant, first up is Miusel. She is a half-elf, and works as a maid for Shinichi. As a half-elf, she lacks confidence due to being a target for persecution. Of course, Shinichi treats her as an equal which means she ends up falling for him.

Petralka Anne Eldant III (or is it Petrarca An Eldant III?) is the ruler of Eldant. She can be hot-tempered, and tends to become annoyed quite easily. Despite that, she cares deeply for her kingdom.

There are many other characters, but those are the ones that have the most important roles. The characters interact with each other well, and there is plenty of development. Of particular note is the way that Shinichi brings the idea of equality into the land of Eldant through the school he creates and his interactions with the people of the land.

There is one element of Outbreak Company that I am not a big fan of in general. That element is the harem; the main male character gets surrounded by a group of female characters who tend to fall for him. That never has and never will appeal to me, though there are probably fans of this show who have increased enjoyment due to that.

Another element that could be considered negative is the amount of references to other anime. That doesn’t bother me; I’m aware of a lot of anime and seeing all those references was fun.
Outbreak Company is also self-aware; that kind of comedy appeals to me. Of course, that isn’t for everyone.

One thing that I think is done fairly well is the world of Eldant. It is a fantasy world, complete with elves, dwarves and dragons. There is the racism against half-elves that reminds me of Tales of Symphonia, and magic is commonplace as well.

My personal highlight would have to be the football match Shinichi arranges in an attempt to have everyone treat each other equally. Although things don’t exactly go to plan, watching the chaos is a good laugh.

Score: 8/10
Outbreak Company is an anime with an impressive fantasy world, and a plot that is unique. The plot ends in a satisfactory manner, and the characterisation is good. The harem element isn’t for me, however.

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