Rory’s Reviews: Galilei Donna

Galilei Donna
Galilei Donna is an original anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Yasuomi Umetsu.

The plot of Galilei Donna follows the three Ferrari sisters, Hazuki, Kazuki and Hozuki as they travel around the world in order to search for moon sketches created by Galileo Galilei, whom they are descended from.
Oh, and they are also falsely accused of terrorism, thus becoming internationally wanted criminals.

Hazuki is the oldest of the three Ferrari sisters. She is in university, studying to become a prosecutor. However, she tends to fall asleep during lectures. She does have a strong sense of justice, however.
Kazuki is the middle of the sisters. You first see her fawning over a boy, and she really hates the idea of travelling around the world. However, she will pull through for her sisters in times of need.
The youngest sister is Hozuki. She is a genius when it comes to machines, having put together a goldfish-shaped airship. Out of the sisters, she is the one most likely to take action.

There are three other fairly important characters whom the Ferrari sisters meet. The first of these is Cicinho, the leader of an air pirate troupe called Black Ganymede. He seems to possess a code of honour, and falls for Hazuki.
The next character is Anna Hendrix, the Ferrari sisters’ companion for much of their journey. She is a fanatic of all things Galileo. She becomes fairly attached to the Ferrari sisters during her time with them.

The final character is the main antagonist of Galilei Donna. He is Roberto Materazzi. Roberto is a cruel man who will accomplish his goals through any means necessary.

Different bits of information about the characters are revealed over the course the anime, giving you a sense of what their beliefs are and why they interact the way they do with others.

Galilei Donna definitely isn’t a light-hearted adventure. However, it isn’t exactly dark either, despite some moments being that way. Since the Ferrari sisters travel all around the world, there is varied scenery as well as many other characters who each have their own stories.

There are some issues with Galilei Donna. The characters constantly talk about the Galileo Tesoro, but there is no clue as to what that actually is or what it does. The interaction between Hozuki and a certain character she meets during the later half of the anime is awkward; saying anything more than that would be spoiling things. Oh, and the way she ends up meeting that character seemed to have come out of nowhere as well.

Score: 7/10
Galilei Donna has some parts that weren’t great, but it is a fairly enjoyable anime to watch.

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