Coin Flip Chronicles Locations: Congredior

The town of Congredior is Amity’s home, and the place where the plot for Coin Flip Chronicles kicks off.

The mayor of Congredior, Thorburn, tries to keep his town running smoothly as possible. Due to this, he has very little time for his daughter Amity and his wife Cassie.

The town is split up into a few different districts. A river runs central through Congredior. On the east side of the river, one can find the commercial district.
Tanneries, armourers, blacksmiths and a whole host of other businesses can be found there. Markets are held in the commercial district daily, and deliveries are often made along the river by boat.

Several bridges can be found that go over the river, leading to the western area of Congredior. There are two districts in the west of Congredior; the residential and the community districts.
As one would expect, the residential district is where the people of Congredior live. All houses are built identically.
There are a network of alleyways running behind the houses in the residential district; it is in those areas that crimes are most likely to occur.

The community district’s main attraction is a huge tiled plaza where celebrations would often take place. Also available within the community district are the church and a jail. In addition to that, there are various other buildings that don’t quite fit with the commercial or residential districts.

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