Coin Flip Chronicles Character Profiles: Amity

Now for some information on the other main protagonist of the Coin Flip Chronicles series. She may not possess a legendary bloodline like Rin, but Amity is certainly an individual who can be counted upon.

Amity is slightly shorter than Rin, and her figure is somewhat smaller as well. She has shoulder-length blonde hair.

Whereas Rin tends to favour some form of long coat, Amity can often be seen wearing a pink mob cap. Much like Rin, Amity tends to wear blouses and skirts. She also has a black cloak that she wears when travelling.

Amity lived in her home town of Congredior before meeting Rin. She’s the mayor’s daughter, though she isn’t on good terms with her father. Since her father is more concerned about being mayor, both Amity and her mother are generally neglected.

One of Amity’s most impressive skills is her ability to treat injuries. She developed a salve that is able to increase the speed at which wounds heal. She has a healthy knowledge of the human body, and aspirations to be a doctor.
Amity isn’t able to save everyone; it isn’t unusual for her to fall into a deep depression if a person under her care doesn’t make it.

When she first meets Rin, the purple-haired lass is nothing but a stranger at first. However, Amity soon develops feelings for her and the two form a relationship.
Whilst Amity wishes that Rin would not base her decisions on the outcome of a coin toss, she tends to stick by Rin no matter what she does.

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