Pupa Anime Debuts on 9th January

If you recall, Pupa was one of the anime that had piqued my interest in the Autumn 2013 season. However, it was delayed until the Winter 2014 season; as the title says, it will air on the 9th of January 2014.
Information from Anime News Network, as usual.

Pupa is the tale of “ultimate sibling love”, where a girl turns into a monster. Her big brother, Utsutsu, decides to become her living food supply.

The cast is as follows:
Nobunaga Shimazaki as Utsutsu Hasegawa
Ibuki Kido as Yume Hasegawa
Koji Yusa as Shirō Onijima
Kyōko Narumi as Maria
Mamiko Noto as Sachiko Hasegawa
Kenjiro Tsuda as Hotoki
Mariya Ise as a young Utsutsu Hasegawa
Shiori Mikami as a young Yūhei Arita
Yurika Kurosawa as 3 Arita Sisters

The director, writer and sound director is Tomomi Mochizuki (House of Five Leaves, Ocean Waves, Here is Greenwood, Twin Spica) at Studio DEEN (When They Cry – Higurashi, Rozen Maiden, Hetalia).
The character designer and chief animation director is Maki Fujii (High School DxD, UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, 07-Ghost, Shattered Angels, Destiny of the Shrine Maiden).

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