Coin Flip Chronicles Locations: Kodai City

Here is the next piece of information about the Coin Flip Chronicles. Not the first place encountered, but one that is fairly important.

Kodai City is split up into districts that become wealthier the closer one gets to the castle at the centre. This means that there are slums on the outskirts.
Most of the commercial area of Kodai City is located in between the slums and the wealthy district. It is there that one can find the library and the guild hall for Hiroto’s Mercenaries.

The library is fairly impressive structure; once one steps inside, it is bigger on the inside. People have gotten lost within the library, doomed to wander between the endless shelves.
Of course, all the shelves are filled with books. Considering such a huge collection exists, it stands to reason that there may be a few more mystical tomes in there. For this reason, it seems that humans aren’t the only beings that can be found within.

Hiroto’s Mercenaries are a guild led by Hiroto, of course. Their guild hall is huge, and has plenty of space to accommodate all their members and guests. When entering the guild, the first thing one finds is that it appears to be a bar. There is a large board where requests are posted, and the mercenaries can freely accept whichever missions they want.

There is a lot more to Kodai City, of course. There’s the castle, and the wealthy district; neither of these serve any major role… yet.

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