Coin Flip Chronicles Character Profile: Rin

So I figured I would post some information about the main protagonist of what I am hoping will go on to be a successful series of books. Whilst writing, it is better to show and not tell. However, here on my blog, I shall tell you about Rin.

As I’ve already said, Rin is the main protagonist of Coin Flip Chronicles. She is in her lower-twenties, and of average height. However, she has quite a striking figure.

It isn’t just her figure that is striking about her, either. Rin possess purple hair; one of the traits that shows she may be descended from the legendary Witch Queen. In addition to that, Rin has heterochromia; one eye is green, the other also an unnatural purple hair colour.

Rin tends to favour wearing shirts and skirts. Whilst she will occasionally stray from that, she will almost never be seen without her duster jacket.

Rin possesses three items that were passed down to her from her late parents. The first of these is a locket, which contains the second object. The second object is a coin, which Rin will flip whenever she is faced with a tough decision.
Finally, the last item is a katana. Her katana is the only one in the world of Coin Flip Chronicles, and is said to be the very same one used by a legendary demon slayer. Rin is the only one able to use the katana without suffering ill effects; even then she finds it tough to suppress the evil power that the blade contains.

Despite possessing a legendary legacy, Rin is very much human. Loud noises such as violent storms or cannon fire is something she will cower from, and she doesn’t have a great sense of direction. Her insistence on using a coin to make decisions is something of an annoyance to her peers.

Rin shares a close, personal relationship with Amity. Even if they’ve gone through hell, the two of them always seem to recover just by being together.

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I enjoy writing, manga, anime and video games, so naturally here on my blog, you will find anime reviews, Nintendo news and other such things that I deem interesting.
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