Rory’s Reviews: Chronicles of the Going Home Club

Chronicles of the Going Home Club
Chronicles of the Going Home Club or Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku, is exactly as its English title implies. But how do the antics of the Going Home Club stack up?

The anime begins with new student Natsuki Andou deciding she will join the “going home club”; more specifically, she has no intention of joining an after school club. However, her friend, Karin Touno tells her that there is such thing as the Going Home Club, and the two of them end up joining it.

The three members of the Going Home Club are Sakura Doumyouji, Botan Oohagi and Claire Kokonoe.
Sakura is not much more than an ordinary school student; she introduces herself as the inheritor of her grandmother’s scissors.
Botan is from a family are heirs to the Hagizuki-ryuu martial arts style. She also once wrestled a brown bear, and then travelled in order to take on a grizzly bear, and a polar bear after that.
Claire is the daughter of a company executive. As a result, she is incredibly rich. This leads to her trying to buy an entire shop for Karin when the school shop had run out of her favourite colour of eraser.

Karin very much fits into the ‘brainless beauty’ character archetype. However, she is good at cooking. The members of the Going Home Club are very much in awe of the sheer level of her feminine appeal.
Finally, Natsuki serves the role of the straight man of the group. It is generally commented on whenever she doesn’t make a retort towards the Going Home Club’s antics. However, there are also times when she plays along.

There is no fourth wall with this anime. Characters frequently point out that they are in an anime, Natsuki stops the ending theme from starting in the middle of an episode, the characters lose track of what episode number they are on. Personally, that sense of humour appeals to me, but I imagine it doesn’t exactly appeal to everyone.
Chronicles of the Going Home Club doesn’t just rely on the lack of a fourth wall for humour alone. There are plenty of other funny moments, such as Botan’s monstrous strength or Karin’s feminine appeal. There are also lots of shout-outs to video games and other anime series.

Nothing from the soundtrack really stuck out for me, but I guess it did go with the general idea. Not much else to say about that one.

My personal highlight would probably have to be the final episode. It contains the most skits, and they have all be shortened to fit loads in. I particularly liked the one that involved the map. The quickfire humour was enjoyable.

Score: 9/10
The humour in this series just really appealed to me. I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. An enjoyable anime, and well worth a look if you’re seeking a comedy anime.

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