Rory’s Reviews: Senki Zesshou Symphogear G

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G
Senki Zesshou Symphogear G is the second season of Symphogear. Now, I personally really enjoyed the first season, but there are varying opinions of it around the net. Maybe I’ll review it one day, but for now…
Once again, don’t expect much in the way of a review, since I loved every last minute of this anime… I’ll try to talk about both positive and negative points.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G starts with two of the three main characters, Hibiki Tachibana and Chris Yukine escorting a scientist named Dr. Ver along with a relic called Solomon’s Cane. Dr. Ver and the Cane disappear.
Elsewhere, Tsubasa Kazanari sings a duet with Maria Candenzavna Eve, before she reveals herself to be from an organisation known as Finé. Maria is a Symphogear user as well, and she has two others that fight alongside her.
The protagonists end up clashing with Finé, as their ideals oppose each other.

Hibiki Tachibana is the main character of the anime. Due to events at the beginning of the first season, she is fused with the Gungnir Symphogear relic. Hibiki wants to help everyone she can; her hobby is helping people. As a result, she will try to understand those who oppose her. Although nothing is directly confirmed, she is clearly in a relationship with Miku Kohinata.
Tsubasa Kazanari is the user of the Ame no Habakiri Symphogear. She serves as a sort of cool big sis for her fellow Symphogear users, though she is incredibly aloof. She seems to develop a relationship with Chris Yukine as the plot goes on.
Chris Yukine is the user of the Ichaival Symphogear. She was an enemy to Hibiki and Tsubasa at first, but is a firm friend in this season. However, she feels that she must atone for the events that she caused during the first season.

Other members of the 2nd Division Mobile Disaster Response Corps include Genjuro Kazanari, Shinji Ogawa, Aoi Tomosato, Sakuya Fujitaka and Miku Kohinata. Aoi and Sakuya serve as mission control, and Shinji works as Tsubasa’s manager.
Genjuuro is the commander, and probably one of the best characters in the anime. He doesn’t really get much of a chance to show it in this season, but he is definitely capable of holding his own in a fight against a Symphogear user.
Miku, as mentioned above, is probably Hibiki’s girlfriend. She will always be there for Hibiki, and the two love being together. Miku’s love for Hibiki ends being used in an interesting twist, but saying any more than that will be spoiling things.

Next, we have the antagonists. The group Finé consists of four people; three Symphogear users and their caretaker.
Professor Nastassja is the caretaker of the three Symphogear users. She is bound to a wheelchair, and wears an eyepatch. She has some form of incurable disease and often coughs up blood.
Maria Cadenzavna Eve uses a black version of the Gungnir Symphogear. Although she is a antagonist, she is more of an anti-villain than anything else. She will ensure that no civilians are harmed in her battles.
Kirika Akatsuki uses the Igalima Symphogear. She’s one of the more level-headed members of the group, though she will hide her own troubles. Regardless, she acts as the heart of the soul and the group. She is in love with Shirabe Tsukuyomi.
Shirabe Tsukuyomi uses the Shul Shagana Symphogear. She seems to be calm and obedient, but when she fights she can be incredibly aggressive. She loves Kirika.

Finally, the main antagonist of this season is Dr. Ver. The reason he is an antagonist? Just is…
He has no backstory, and his only reason for doing the things he does is that he wants to be considered a hero. However, just like a certain Berg Katse, he takes great joy in being evil. Whenever he is on screen, he pretty much has a big grin on his face. Of course, there are times when his plans don’t go as he wants them to, which instantly throws him into panic.

The soundtrack for Symphogear G is just great. The Symphogear relics are powered by songs, which means that whenever someone takes to battle your ears are in for a treat. Each character has their own unique songs, and there are also duets to experience as well. Just the music alone is worth watching this anime for… though the action sequences are bloody good.

Score: 10/10
I really love Symphogear. This is an extremely biased score, but do I care? Not in the slightest.
Amazing music, brilliant battles and awesome characters; well, that’s my opinion of it, anyway.

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