Rory’s Reviews: Fantasista Doll

Fantasista Doll
What happens when you cross Rozen Maiden with Yu-Gi-Oh!? You get Fantasista Doll, that’s what.

A middle schooler named Uzume Uno is given a special mobile phone that doubles as a card holder at the start of the series. The phone comes with five card, each one of which allows her to summon a “doll” who will fight for her master. Of course, there are other masters who own similar cards, which means that Uzume has to do battle against them. In addition to the doll cards, the masters can also equip their dolls with special equipment cards or aid them in battle with trap cards.
The main character, Uzume Uno, is a relatively shy girl at the start of the serious. She lacks confidence, and prefers to be uncomfortable rather than make others feel bad. However, her dolls help her to come out of her shell through the series.
Uzume is the master of five dolls, who each fill a different role for a Five-Man Band. Sasara is the leader, Akari is the lancer, Shimeji is the big guy, Madeleine is the chick and Katia is the tagalong kid.
Uzume ends up joining a card club, which gets named Masquerade Curry Upbeat. Her fellow members are Manai Uzuki and Kagami Totori. Of course, they are both masters as well, and Kagami insists that she will the be one to defeat Uzume and take her cards.

Uzume’s enemies are known as the Mutual Dream Assurance Group, or MDAG for short. The masters in MDAG all have their own objectives that they wish to fulfil, and they believe they can achieve them through taking Uzume’s cards.
The reveal of the chairman of MDAG isn’t really surprising. It’s difficult to go into detail without spoiling anything, but I think if you watch the anime you will be able to work out who it is before the reveal.

Uzume is watched over by a man who refers to himself as Lord Rafflesia, but is really her homeroom teacher. (No spoilers there, it’s pretty damn obvious from the get-go). I don’t really have much else to say about him, to be honest.

There are other characters of course; Uzume’s family consists of Miko, her younger sister and her mother. There is also Komachi Kiyomasa who Uzume tends to go to for advice.

Friendship is very much a running theme throughout this anime, especially with attacks such as Friendship Cannon and Friendship Blade. The battles between the dolls never get violent. The only blood seen comes around as a result of a kunai grazing Sasara’s cheek, and even that injury heals quickly. The attacks that are used are more unconventional, such as combining a knife card and an onion card to make opponents cry.

The soundtrack… well, I guess it fits the theme of the anime quite well. It’s kind of hard to recall due to the annoyingly catchy title theme, “Ima Yo! Fantasista Doll”, which managed to lodge itself in my head for a while every time after I would hear it.

Fantasista Doll is extremely light-hearted. It doesn’t really stand out amongst the others I have seen for the Summer 2013 season, but it was a fun little watch regardless.

Score: 7/10
A fun, light-hearted anime that doesn’t really have much to make it really stand out.

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