Rory’s Reviews: Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3

Stella women's academy bla bla bla c3
What happens when you mix schoolgirls, airsoft guns and a large helping of angst? You get Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3.

Yura Yamato is shy girl who has enrolled in the prestigious Stella Women’s Academy. She is unable to approach her fellow students at first, but then she joins the C3 club. The C3 club are committed to playing airsoft, and through that, Yura begins to open up.
Let’s start with the characters, then. First we have Yura Yamato, the protagonist of this series. As stated above, she is shy at first. However, thanks to the efforts of the C3 club, she begins to open up to others. However, there is a downside to the character development. Yura begins to take airsoft very seriously, focusing on nothing else but winning. This ends up putting her at odds with the other characters, and makes Yura herself a little unlikeable.
Sonora Kishima is Yura’s roommate, and the best airsofter in Stella Women’s Academy. she is an ace, and shoots competitively in the US. Her first appearance in the anime has her introduce herself to Yura whilst totally naked, and she isn’t fond of wearing dresses.
Honoka Mutsu is an Honour student, and the only member of the C3 Club to wear glasses. She tends to be the ones to come up with plans, such as extorting money from customers, or using fanservice to secure a victory via popularity vote.
Karila Hatsuse is very much the tomboy of the C3 Club. Her main attribute when it comes down to airsoft matches is her incredible speed. She also seems to be wearing a slasher smile, and is really precise with a P-90.
Yachiyo Hinata is the shortest member of the C3 Club. She is also their sniper, and wields a gun that is 1.23m long. That’s quite impressive, when you consider her size.
Rento Kirishima is the member of the C3 Club who originally recruited Yura. She’s arguably the kindest of the group, and also the tallest. Even when Yura had left the C3 Club, she tried to convince her to come back, and cried when confessing that she tried to keep Yura in the C3 Club by keeping quiet about her injuries.

Of course, the C3 Club have rival airsoft teams to play against. The most prominent of the rival teams are from Meisei Academy, which includes Rin Haruna. Rin seems to be an antagonist first, and Yura believes that she takes airsoft seriously. However, after Yura starts focusing on nothing more than winning, she joins Meisei’s team. Rin then has to kick her off the team after she insists on trying to win battles when she should be focusing on the duties of a medic.
Team Seto are a team made up of people who all possess the name Seto. They show some rather intriguing tactics, the most interesting of which is quad-wielding.
Seiko Academy KGB are the drama club from said school, who also play airsoft. Karila’s younger brother, Aira, is included among their number. He is the complete opposite of Karila in terms of personality. He is also prone to cross-dressing.

The plot follows Yura’s character development mostly, including her relationship with fellow C3 Club members. As you may have gathered from what has been previously mentioned, Yura’s development isn’t exactly the greatest. Her focus on winning drives her apart from her friends, and makes her a character you don’t really have any sympathy for. Things work out in the end, but having to watch her go through that phase detracted from the whole airsoft concept a bit.

The highlight of this anime was without a doubt the many airsoft battles. The girls pull of some pretty acrobatic moves, but I reckon any skilled free runner could do the same. The “Rambo” battle is the first match both Yura and the audience experience, and it really shows what an airsoft match is like.

Score: 9/10
The main draw of the anime, the airsoft battles, are a joy to behold. Yura’s development as a character, not so much, but I would highly recommend this anime regardless.

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